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    After a couple hours, I was finally able to set up my e-mail account password with Sprint PCS, (some of the issues were me being a moron and forgetting my password, none of my standards conform to sprints length and numeric requrements another of them was them misspelling my last name on the account and hence my Vision username). I finally can log in to the website from my desktop and check mail, and it receives mail from other accounts like yahoo. I just can't seem to log in from my Eudora Mail on the Treo. I've typed in the username and passwords ten times on both the sprint website (works everytime) and Eudora (can't authenticate) every time. I know that I have Eudora in general set up because it can check another account, so I'm thinking it has to be my Sprint PCS account set up in Eudora, on my Treo.

    I have it set for: (which shouldn't matter, because I haven't even tried to send mail yet).

    I recently changed my name and hence password (because of their spelling error), so perhaps it's taking awhile for the "pop" part of that mail account to work while the web version of it works?

    Doesn't make much sense to me. Anyone have anything else they can come up with?
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    if you changed your vision user name then it may be a while before you see it reflected in your email account. Initially when vision rolled out, changing the user name was almost impossible and if you did it, all hell broke loose with respect to data provisioning. I would give it a few hours to kick in and then check again. If you call *2, make sure you speak with a level 2 tech support person. Don't waste your time with the first person who comes on the line. Good luck!
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    I had the exact same problem (misspelled name meant abd email address) - took hour on the phone with Vision tech support to finally find out that thier provisioning system is SLOW. After a few (8) hours the changes propgated and I could pop my mail from my phone.

    You can always verify your username and password on by doing the following:
    telnet 110
    user <username>
    pass <password>
    list (will show you how many messages are on the server)
    retr # (will display the specific message)
    dele # (will delete the specific message)

    you have to type the words user and pass - it will not prompt for them.

    If you are using windows, Start - Run - telnet 110

    Hope this helps someone...

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    Using that simple telnet I've found that my username and password don't autheticate. That's in Eudora and in telnet my username and password is bogus, BUT on the web from my desktop for my Vision PCS login, they work everytime and I can check mail. It's got to be something where the "pop" part of the account is different from the "web" part, though I don't know how this happens.
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    you can try your old username and password...

    the telnet session should look like this (bold indicates parts you enter)

    telnet 110
    Trying (could be a different IP)
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
    +OK Messaging Multiplexor (iPlanet Messaging Server 5.2 HotFix 0.9 (built Jul 29 2002))
    +OK password required for user USER
    pass password
    +OK Maildrop ready
    +OK scan listing follows
    Connection closed by foreign host.

    Obviously I have no mail on the server, or it would have listed them.
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    Thanks for the help, it turns out that when I set a PCS Vision password it didn't set the password for the e-mail which is an additional "settings and preferences" inside of the "settings and prefences", which makes a ton of sense. I also now have passwords, for the main phone account, the Vision account, Voicemail, and the Sprint PCS e-mail account. Luckily, my vision and e-mail are now the same, but the main phone account is different from my voicemail, because because they didn't seem to let me choose the main phone account one, perhaps I can change that my voicemail and I'll be down to two passwords for all my Sprint functions.

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