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    I believe I read in these pages about the software SWITCHEROO as being desirable. It is an X-MASTER or HACKMASTER extension software.

    I downloaded it and tried it out with no luck at all. It seems to only support Graffiti-based PDAs. I emailed the developers with questions but no response.

    1) does anyone else have any success stories with this software?

    2) If not, what would folks recommend for 'switching' software. All I want to do is be able to jump back and forth from two programs. Nothing fancy.

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    Yes, I use it all the time with my 180. It does not require Graffitti to work. Just go in to X-Master, hit the configure button, and assign a letter to the app of your choice with the keyboard. You can the switch to that app by hitting option-space-letter.
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    Ah, thank you, rfg17. I was using the wrong key combo. It's been a long week....

    So now I can say that this is a fine program. However, I'm still looking for something that I can just switch back and forth between the last two programs....sort of like the previous channel button on your TV remote. With Switcheroo, I have to remember the letter. Anybody with suggestions?
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    I use PowerJog (, and then search for PowerJog). It may be too many jog presses to JUST do a switch to your last app, but it will bring up your last X apps, with an extended press of the Jog Dial, as well as allow you to access any other app, if you go to 'others' in the list that shows with the press.
    Good luck!
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    McPhling will allow you to switch to favorite and previously used apps.

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