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    I have confirmed w/ technical support that, like myself, over 3,000 new Sprint/Vision plans are having time on Vision being deducted from your anytime minutes.

    I bought my Treo one week ago and did not place one prime-time call with it. I did, however, spend a lot of time on the web/email.

    I logged into Sprint's website to check out my account and it showed over 500 minutes used and I was over my 300 limit.

    I talked w/ sprint tech support and they confirmed that this is happening with over 3,000 accounts and is being worked on.

    They credited me some minutes but told me to expect a huge phone bill and they will have to go through it to get my minutes/$$$ credited.
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    You are exactly CORRECT!!!

    Dang - I KNEW they were going to shaft us Somehow!!!!!!!

    And I do precious little surfing via Vision. I mostly use it for my email through Basejet!

    Now I get to play the waiting game for some inept SprintPCS CS person to tell me that they don't have a clue what I am talking about!
    Regards - Randy "Thumper-7"

    Sprint's Customer Service will eventually put them out of business!
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    They credited me minutes. The minutes used that was during vision time show up on their end as a call to "operator". That is how they can differentiate actual phone calls vs. vision time.

    Make sure they give you additional phone time as this is the only way they will get off their butts and get this fixed!
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    I think they must have put my minutes on your account. I signed-up for the 2000 and unlimited PCS and just recieved last months bill. It was $00.00. I guess they will catch up to me next month???
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    These jacka$$es are really p!$$ing me off now....

    How am I charged for voice and PCS VisionSMservices?

    Unlike voice calls, which are charged by the minute, data usage is charged by the size of the file sent or received on your Vision-capable PCS Phone. If you have a PCS Free & Clear Plan with unlimited PCS Vision, your usage of PCS Vision is unlimited and you will not be charged any data fees. If you do not have unlimited PCS Vision, you will be charged for PCS Vision service on a per-kilobyte (KB) basis any time you transmit or receive information using your Vision-capable PCS Phone

    If you click on ASK A QUESTION, it leads you to a CGI Script that PUKES when you enter your email address and question. It has been broken like this for WEEKS!

    I am ready to just chuck the whole 9 yards and go back to the Blackberry plan and carry a small Cell and PDA device. Yeah, it's three pieces of hardware but not triple the headaches like this PCS __lack_o_VISION__ has been!!!!!
    Regards - Randy "Thumper-7"

    Sprint's Customer Service will eventually put them out of business!
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    Good old Sprint! After all the dropped calls, hours on hold, lost service and over chargin, I wonder why I ever left them.

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    When you talk to Tech Support, don't let them give you any of the "it will clear up at your next billing cycle" or we will just give you minutes. This problem IS a setup problem on their network. After getting to the right people (Level II Tech), I was fixed up in around 3 days including a weekend day.

    They can fix this problem and can do it rather quickly.

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    I was having the same problem a couple of weeks ago and when I finally received my bill after changing to one of the new vision plans, I almost $@&** on myself.

    old thread:

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    It was tier 2 tech support that told me about this problem. The rep seemed very knowledgeable and I heard other techs in the background saying that this is going on.
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    My usage stats have been fine. According to cell plan, I've used 1600+ data "minutes", but the usage stats on the sprintpcs site correctly list only the actual voice minutes I've used.
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    Sounds like they still have some billing system glitches to work out.... but that's kinda to be expected. I'm sure they'll get them straightened out... eventually.
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    bullish4 and JakePratt,
    Were you on Sprint 2G service before signing up for Treo?
    The tech person told me that that's the only way there could be a problem on my phone.
    They've goofed my billing up, too. I've never talked on the phone for 500 minutes in one month, much less 10 days.
    Thank you for the information, I'll call tomorrow and ask for a level II tech, and mention the operator calls.
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    Nope, I am a new customer starting on Nov 12
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    Don't you just love Claire the automated voice system?

    I automatically just say "live person" twice, and get to a rep quickly.

    I just tried to check my usage online, I got a

    Current Usage

    Unable to display account usage information
    A change or addition was made to your PCS Service Plan since your last invoice.
    Therefore, account usage information cannot be displayed.
    Please check back after the start of your next billing period when the account page information will be available.
    Thank you for choosing Sprint.
    also another interesting sprint story - I havne't been getting the little voice mail notification icon for new voicemail. The sprint rep put me on hold for 10 minutes then finally came back with "take your phone back to the store". Now since I really don't feel like sending it back to Amazon, and I'm pretty sure it's on their side, I insisted that he check with a tech person. Another 10 minutes on hold and he came back with "ok sir, apparently it's on our side. it will be fixed within 72 business hours".

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    Dont take their BS. The problem is exactly as Jake stated. It is on their network. Dont let them fool you buy saying it is an accounting mistake or billing cycle mistake that will fix itself after the first cycle because in my case it did not and I got billed $350!! Since sprint is going broke getting that $350 back is not easy. They did fix my account and credit minutes and money but I had to speak to a thousand reps, on hold for days and I think I generaly spoke to customer reps on the low end of the bell curve (or am I on the low end for putting up with this crap?). Keep after these guys until it is fixed and watch your minutes until you know it is fixed.
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    I didn't call today, figuring that I'd wait until Monday.
    I just checked my usage, and now there's no minutes at all on the page!!
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    I got an answer back from the "ask a question" feature. (BTW, my Usage is recorded on line as 212 "in plan" and and 250 "anytime minutes, which is unchanged from Friday. Although Michael says I've only used "two" anytime minutes and doesn't mention "in plan" minutes.)
    I'm not buying extra features or increasing my minutes from Sprint, yet. Not until this is settled. I really wish they'd get their act together on the website.

    ""This is in response to your inquiry regarding the minutes usage.

    Upon review of your account, I noticed the following charges on your
    invoice for the bill ending date November 13, 2002:

    Service Plan Charges: $29.99;
    PCS Vision Charges: $10.00;
    Activation Fee: $34.99;
    Tax Charges: $10.65.

    You have been credited with the $10.00 PCS Vision charges as this
    option is free for the first three months. I also noticed that you
    have used two minutes of the available 300 Anytime minutes.

    If you wish to dispute any charge on your account, you must do it
    within 15 days after receiving your invoice. Otherwise, by default,
    you have accepted the charges.

    You do not have to pay any properly disputed amounts while we
    investigate them. However, you must pay amounts not in dispute by the
    due date. Also, if disputed invoice procedures are described on the
    invoice, you must follow them.

    (deleted sales pitch)

    Thank you for contacting Sprint.

    Micheal S.""
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    Originally posted by bullish4
    They credited me minutes. The minutes used that was during vision time show up on their end as a call to "operator". That is how they can differentiate actual phone calls vs. vision time.

    Make sure they give you additional phone time as this is the only way they will get off their butts and get this fixed!
    True, the operator calls are a known glitch and anyone using Vision and has it show up on their bill as minutes will get it credited. It's only happening in certain markets and a fix is being worked.
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    How do you get this problem fixed? I have nearly 150 Operator minutes on my bill. The Sprint PCS Operators seems clueless of the issue when you call in.
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    Just keep calling till you get someone that has knowledge. Call and ask for Billings and explain to them. They are the people who will add your number to the master list and issue you credits.

    Greetings! from Fort Hood/Killeen (1st Cav Division)

    My Message to customer care is as follow:

    > Hello Arthur,
    > This is in response to your concern accessing PCS Vision.
    > Due to recent high call volume, the hold times are longer than normal.
    > We are taking action and are committed to ensure a quicker response
    > for our customers in future. We appreciate your patience and
    > cooperation in the matter.
    > Upon review of your account, I noticed that your concern has been
    > addressed by our specialist. A trouble ticket has already been issued
    > for this technical issue, which you are facing. A courtesy adjustment
    > of 700 minutes has also been applied to your account.
    > Courtesy minutes are available to you after you have used all of your
    > plan's Anytime minutes. For example, let's say you have 500 Anytime
    > and 1000 Night and Weekend minutes, and you have used all 500 Anytime
    > minutes but still have Night and Weekend minutes. From that point,
    > Courtesy minutes will begin to be awarded during your peak time usage.
    > Courtesy minutes are awarded for the billing cycle in which they were
    > applied, and do not roll over to the next billing cycle. When
    > Courtesy minutes are used, they will appear on your bill as a dollar
    > amount, and not as minutes credited.
    > I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced.
    > Sprint is committed to providing high quality, responsive service to
    > our customers at all times.
    > Thank you for contacting Sprint.
    > Micki F.
    > eCare
    > On Mon, 18 Nov 2002 06:30:43 -0600 (CST) you wrote:
    > >=============================================================
    > >Form: Ask A Question-Manage
    > >Topic: Other
    > >=============================================================
    > >Question: I have sent you several emails, spent countless hours on
    > the phone
    > >and I took the phone back to the store in exchange for a new handset
    > and the
    > >problem still exists. when I sign on to vision, it DEDUCTS from my
    > anytime
    > >minutes. There must be a programming ERROR on my account. Currently,
    > I cannot
    > >use vision until after 9.m. Please do not forward one of your
    > computer
    > >generated responses to me. I just want someone in support to correct
    > the
    > >problem. This has been going on to long and I cannot afford to use
    > all of my
    > >a/t minutes on vision. My current anytime minutes shows 42 used. If
    > you check
    > >my account you will find almost all of the call, with the exception
    > of 3 calls
    > >were vision calls. The phone is also dialing (O) operator when I
    > connect to
    > >vision. PLEASE HELP
    > >Thank you for your time and assistance.
    > >Arthur
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