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    BTW... I have spoken with Cust Service, Level I, and someone from Level II tech support (or so he said)... No one seems to be able to tell me how to get my billing situation fixed. The Cust Service person told me to take my phone into a Sprint Store.

    Is there a special number we can call? Or someone specifically we can ask for?
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    Support cannot help you, they will only tell you what you do not want to hear. You will have to speak directly with "BILLING". They will assist you. ** Trust me on this one. ** You can take the phone in to a sprint store, receive another phone and the problem will still be there. It is a billing issue!!
    My bill after the minutes were added is as follow:

    My Invoice
    Current Billing Period 11/5-12/4
    Payment Due 12/2/02
    Account Balance Due -$156.05


    Pay Invoice
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    Latest report - mainly for a bump to the top for the thread, in case someone hasn't seen it. ( and a chance to vent.)
    Good news: Only on the call to Customer support for 15 minutes!
    Spoke to Crystal at Billing (thanks, a2rob), who at first said that this was a new problem. The records show that I had made over 300 calls in 10 days (I type, I don't talk)
    A couple of holds later, she came back and said that ,indeed, the "operator calls" are a "known problem," and they would credit my account with 350 "courtesy minutes" so that I wouldn't run out of in plan minutes and be charged before the end of the billing cycle.

    BUT, she can't give me a trouble ticket number, because "that section can't be accessed." I asked for another name, or some reference, so I won't have to start over again, the next time I call. No luck, there, either. I'm supposed to call back tomorrow morning for confirmation and a trouble ticket number.
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    How do you reach someone in Billings? I keep being told by Cust Service that they can not transfer over to billings.
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    RLewis Call and ask for billing. Ask claire. Also, log into Manage Your Account /email on and copy / paste my previous statement, and send that to billing.
    I am trying to assistyou as best that I can. Send me an instant message and I will give you my pcs number..
    They had me logged for 786 calls, 646 were operated assisted, and my final bill was 719.00. Now I have a negative balance.
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    Work got away from me today, and I didn't call. But the website is not corrected.
    I'll try again Friday. Bill's not due till 12-10
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