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    I have successfully installed the GPRS patch. Everything went fine and I love GPRS! I was a Treo Mail Corporate user, but read about Basejet and it being better than Treo Mail because it is a "push" service rather than a "pull" service. I have installed Basejet on my 270 and like it better than Treo Mail, but I can't figure out how to make it "push" my mail to me. I have read the Basejet discussion boards but have not found anything that has helped. Anybody have a suggestion for me?
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    Do you have the SMS notifications enabled in the Basejet Launcher? Are you receiving other SMSs?? Basejet uses SMS to notifiy your Treo that you have new mail, and that triggers a synch.

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    First off, with the GPRS patch and Basejet, i rarely lose my internet connection. I tried BJ both ways - with Outlook and just my Yahoo mail. I turned off SMS notification - it seems useful only if you have your Outlook open all the time with it checking email every minute or so.

    I like the stand alone use way better. It syncs with my pop mail as often as i want. You HAVE to set the polling screen to 'manual/device' and select the days and intervals - it just keeps on checking the internet (for me every 30 minutes). If I do get a new email, it will vibrate and pop up a dialog box telling me i have new mail. You can manually sync with one touch if you have basejet mapped to a hard button in Treo Prefs.

    Basejet is free, but it's still in Beta testing. They say there will be a couple more upsteps till the chargable, final version. Sometimes the basejet transporter goes down, but they get it back usually within a couple hours.

    hope this helps, and thanks for posting in the correct forums!

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    Thanks, Christo.

    I did not have my Treo set to Manual/Device. The only problem now is I cannot connect to my T-Mo GPRS service. I wonder if this is because I installed the unauthorized version and T-Mo has done something to block it or if it is just a transient problem???
    Maybe with the offical release later today, the problem will clear up!
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    My backlight died this morning- worked one second, gone for good the next! I'm supposed to have a replacement within 2 days, I hope one! It still works, just very very dark.

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    I'm having trouble getting Basejet to work "stand-alone" - I use IMAP and don't need the launcher on the desktop. So I followed the instructions to just install the PRC on the Treo.

    Now, if I try to connect all I get is "connected to transporter" - I don't see anything on my IMAP server that says anything is trying to log in to get mail, etc.

    Any ideas from those of you using Basejet? I've posted a message in their support forums, but no go yet.


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    I have had problems with the basejet servers for two days and that is probably why you are experiencing problems. I'm not using it very much in favor of SnapperMail and 2bA but basejet has worked for me (albiet a bit buggy) with IMAP.

    Ah, I see that it is now working.

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