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    Got my new Treo 300 yesterday and so far I could not be happier. Initially I tried to activate via the web but halfway thru the process, something happened and I couldn't seem to go no further. So I called the Sprint number and activated over the phone. Activation was a breeze after this. Phone and Vision came right on up with no problems. I absolutely love this little thing. Previously I've had a Palm and then a Sony Clie; neither one color though. This Treo 300 though works great (so far). Syncing in my old data and applications was no problem at all. In fact, it recovered everything I had on my Clie. The only problem I found was some of my categories in iSilo weren't set, but that was an insignificant thing to fix. I've used Blazer a number of times so far and it is working great also. My next step is to install a real email program and I guess I'm heading to Eudora for that.

    One question I do have - I tried to access my Sprint email account over the web on my PC and it asked for a password. I'm not sure what my Sprint email password is. Is it the same as for my phone? The guy doing the activation was throwing all kinds of codes and numbers at me and I was holding my phone and trying to write at the same time, so may have missed something.

    Thanks for listening - WolfpackFan (hope we beat Florida State tommorrow)
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    i think i remember using the password they gave me for the sprintpcs website. i'm pretty sure your vision password is NOT your email password. DOes that help?
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    Try this thread (it's actually just a bit further down on the board)

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