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    Couldn't find this in a search, so I wanted to see if anyone has had this issue.

    I have a contact, let's say her name is Anne Lark. In the contacts list, you should be able to type "A" then "L" to navigate to her record, right? Wrong?

    When I do that I get a list of contacts who have "L" as a first initial and "A" as a last initial, ie Larry Allen.

    This problem doesn't seem to exist anywhere in the alphaphet, as expected, typing "B" then "J" yields "Bob Jones".

    What's up with this thing?
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    Go to the contacts screen and bring up the top menu , options, preferences and place a check mark at "Enable first name lookup". Under the "list by" select First Name, Last Name
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    I spell out the first name as it's in the phone book. Anne Lark would be searched by pressing the letter A then the letter N followed by another N and so on. Works for me everytime.
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    The way instant lookup works is not just by first initial, last initial, but by all of the following combinations:

    first initial, last name
    full first name
    full last name, when you are typing "AL" it is finding "[Al]len" as a possible match. Conincidentally, "L" is also his first initial, although I don't think Treo let's you look up by last initial, first initial - it's just matching his last name. If you keep entering more letters, it should narrow down the list. For example, type "ALA" for [A]nne [LA]rk and Larry Allen should disappear, and Anne Lark should be there.

    You could also look up Anne by typing "AN" or "ANN", if you couldn't remember her last name, or "LAR" if you couldn't remember her first name.

    Your other option is always to just scroll with your jog rocker to the name - Anne should be one of the hits for "AL", it just is off the screen so you need to scroll down to see it.
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    Good stuff.

    Thanks for the help. This forum is indespensible.

    I bought my Treo a couple of weeks ago to replace a Kyo 6035.

    The idea was for the Treo to be a bridge to the Kyocera 7135, but now I'm not so sure I'll want the 7135 when it comes out.

    I like this thing!

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