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    Read an article in the December 2nd Business Week which indicated that they didn't expect a keyboard pocket pc product until the end of 2003. So Hand has a considerable time period without viable competition from msft. Since Sony and Kyo are just in the process of introducing their non keyboard models, and since rimm is not involved in the process, it doesn't appear that viable competition is coming anytime soon that meets your criteria.
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    Like to see if we didn't get a few month buyers the last week and a half in November so lets try and drive this survey up to the top one more time.
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    I had a 180g. I watched that Amazon discount for a month or better. When I found that I could cancel my T-Mobile account, I jumped. Color and a keyboard! Unlimited Vision! I deleted Avantgo because access to the news is easily as fast.
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    I think for the survey to be more accurate, we should collect data to the end of November
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    I thought I would share my story with you guys.

    I am a tech geek with a family (not enough cash to keep up with the trends). I had been watching the Treo from the start. I was always a Sprint customer with regular old wireless web on my regular old phone. I never switched to a Treo mainly because of the service plans offered. I couldn't see paying per MB. I also figured eventually the price would drop. Then Sprint got theirs and started showing them on all the commercials and I had to have one.

    By now it's October. Almost my birthday. I started working all my family to give me cash for my b-day. I figured I could get enough to get close to the Treo price. Because I was a current Sprint customer I would have to start a second line in order to receive any kind of rebate. Then on one of my weekly trips to CompUsa, I checked the Sprint display as always and BAM! I see a Treo listed as $249 after a $50 rebate??? I couldn't believe it, but I also couldn't buy it. It was still a few days to my b-day and I didn't have the cash.

    That was Thursday. My B-day came the following Monday, but I didn't get all the cash until Saturday. By now I had given up all hope that the Treo would still be incorrectly listed at $299 without rebates but I had to check.

    Sure enough the Treo was still incorrectly listed. I immediately requested one. The manager checked the price card for the stock # and he looked at the price for quite awhile before he finally went off to get the phone. He comes back with the phone and an employee. He whispers something to the girl as he points at the price tag, then she scurries away. He then takes the price card out of the sleeve it's held in and proceeds to the cashier. He whispers something to her and gives her the phone and the card. It's apparent he has discovered that they goofed but I act as if I have no clue as to what's going on.

    To make a long story longer, I got my Treo and I couldn't be any happier. Looking back I would have gladly paid full price. It is an expensive item that actually lives up to the billing. To this day I have only 1 major issue with the phone and 1 with Sprint. I need an expansion option soon and Sprint's support staff is clueless about the Treo overall. This is offset by the help of everyone in this forum which is another plus I didn't count on.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks for all the help!
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    Nice story.

    I have looked at the user sites for the other convergent pda/cell phone devices. There are early adopters lusting after new devices that lurk in the futureware department like Kyo 7135 and Sony P-800, but if you look at the level of sophistication of the commentary on those sites, it simply doesn't compare. There doesn't seem to be any other place like Treocentral
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    I picked up mine on Sunday from a Sprint PCS store. I was prepared to pay the full price of $499 even though I was starting a new account. I asked the manager if he could do anything about the price. First he said there was a $50 rebate from Sprint so my cost would be $449.

    At checkout I again asked if there was anything he could do with the price. I mentioned that Amazon was selling them for $299 (I had seen the Amazon web site that morning.) He said if I could bring him an ad he'd be happy to match the price. Well I didn't have the ad, but asked him if he had internet access. He did, and proceeded to go to the Amazon site right in front of me. After verifying the price he agreed to match it and I paid $299 for my Treo.

    Had I never mentioned the Amazon price I would have paid $150 extra. I had no idea Sprint price matches, I was so glad I asked.

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    Thats really interesting.

    A civilized way to buy ones Treo 300 with a minimum of bickering.

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    Why do you keep bumping this thread? It's becoming a little annoying as I'm sure people are lead to beleive there has been a new post, only to find out it's just you bumping when they check the thread.

    Bumping is okay once and a while, but not every day. Can this thread be made sticky, so it stays at the top all the time instead?

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    As the thread falls, people stop answering the survey and no it can't be made sticky. Perhaps you can save time by assume there is nothing new happening on this thread, if my name is listed as the poster.

    I am concerned about the relatively slow start in users buying in December, and would like to see a few more days of data. My last few bumps have caused a significant number of people to respond. Sorry for any inconvience caused by you.
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    Hey all!!

    I just got my Treo 300 two days ago!

    I was going to wait for the 7135, but it's going to cost more, it's delayed always and rumors it won't be out for Sprint.... so..

    I got the 300 at Circuit City for $360.. I'm not eligible for any rebates, but their website had it for $400 for a few days that the store had to honor, and I used a 10% coupon.

    It was a combination of the under $400 price, unlimited data, and keyboard that got me. I've loaded tons of stuff onto it already! I can't believe how many apps/games/utilities there are out for these things!

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    I got my Treo through Sprints replacement warranty plan. My Samsung I300 was experiencing minor problems so I called to have it replaced. Since the I300 has been discontinued, I assumed I would be sent a reconditioned model, instead the brand spanking new Treo 300 arrived.

    I am still trying to get used to the change from a Palm model to the Handspring model, and without several 3rd party software downloads the Treo would be a disappointment, but all in all with the new 3G Vision plan, faster data speeds, polyphonic ringers and better colors, I am quickly getting used to my new toy.

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    It's interesting to see the large increase in November. I wonder what December will bring? How many Treos will be turning up underneath a Christmas tree?

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