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    Has anyone had the courage to take apart the clamshell on a treo 300 to see how the speaker assembly is positioned?

    I am considering drilling a very small hole on the outside of the shell where the dot in the "i" in the Sprint Logo is. I am thinking that might act as a port for the ringer sound to come thru... making the ringer perceptively louder...

    any thoughts?

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    that is an interesting idea. i will watch this thread. i'm not one to be the first to do this kind of thing but will follow instructions...

    you might also look through some older threads for someone who managed to install a larger speaker in his treo
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    i've actually taken mine apart AND installed a new speaker. it's easy to pry it open (i used a safety pin i think). but might i say after a new speaker which was i'd say 2 bars louder than it was (including ringer) i had to return the phone because the whole thing just died. an interesting thing to note: when this is the third treo i've owned and out of the box it is definitely louder than the first one i bought. also i compared my second treo to the first one side by side and the newer one was a bit louder (with no alteration). anyway it seems as though the ones they are selling now as opposed to when 3g just launched are a bit louder. also i use ringtones (the paid versions are at full volume) from creation zone. they are all pretty loud (much louder than the stock ringtones). all in all, i'd try to trade in your treo for a new one or get these loud ringtones from creation zones... or worst case scenario-replace the speaker (i got some speakers sent to me for free too!!)
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    Did your third Treo come with the newer car charger, or the older defective one?

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