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    Originally posted by WolfpackFan
    Well I still can't get the outgoing to work. It asks for my login and password and I enter exactly what has been setup and it comes back Log in to outgoing mail server failed: 5.7.8 Bad username and password. When I go to and access my email there it accepts the password perfectly. Sheesh. This is getting old. What happened to the good old days when you could connect to just about any available smtp server and get delivery (I know spam). Any ideas why it don't like my password?
    Did you set up a **VISION** password?
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    Yea, I'm using my Vision password. I was finally able to get this to work. Turns out my regular ISP (Road Runner) allows remote access to their SMTP server when you enter account/password. So I can send and receive email okay now, just not using the SprintPCS SMTP server. I still don't know why I couldn't use it - I did everything the folks in this thread suggested and like I say I can login to and access my Sprint email just fine with that password. But since I don't ever plan to use the Sprint email account and can send using my regular ISP, I guess it doesn't matter other than bugging me when I can't get things to work like I think they should <g>.

    I tell you I still love this little 300. I was sitting at the N.C. State football game yesterday where we beat Florida State, sending my daughter IM's telling her what all was going on. I would never have thought I could do that before I got the 300.
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    Funny, I still can't check my sprintpcs email by the website. I always get the wireless web email signup page that doesn't work. But SMTP auth works fine for me.. ever since setting my email password.
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