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    Hexlet LLC just release beta version of SMSAddress utility. Here is brief

    Most modern mobile phones allow sending address book entries via SMS. Unfortunately Handspring Treo does not accept contacts sent via SMS. SMSAddress is small utility, which enables your Treo to exchange (send and receive) contacts via SMS.

    You can download it here:
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    I just wanted to be sure everyone knows that it currently doesn't work with the Treo 300.

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    Geoffrey is right. Sorry, I forgot to mention that it works on
    GSM Treo only now.
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    installed and tested w Nokia 6210 and 6310. Works fine for receiving Business cards from Nokia, but both Nokia do not understand Business Card sent from Treo. Phones recognise it as regular SMS message and the text looks as following


    Do you have tha same result?
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    Great product. One of those functionalities that Treo should have built-in from day zero.


    I tested it with very limited number of friend's phones. Receiving works fine, but Siemens C35 doesn't recognize the business card.
    I'll try to do more testing.

    Other problem, I have noticed that if I have more telephone entries for the same person, it tries to send it all. And if resulting message exceeds 160 characters it doesn't send it.
    It display polite message but I still have no way to send the number.
    I wrote to support - I am waiting for answer.

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    Today Hexlet LLC announces Release 1.1 of its SMSAddress utility. The utility allows exchanging Business Cards with cell phones via SMS. It targets specifically Handspring Treo Smartphone devices, which historically lack this essential feature. Users can now individually select which phone numbers and/or email addresses to include in a Business Card. Sorry, only GSM models for now.

    New version is available here:


    George Sudarkoff
    Hexlet LLC

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