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    Which is the best free mail program
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    Gawd ... not another "best" email string.

    OK, I'll bite: Eudora.
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    Yeah, I was going to ask about Eudora versus Snapper Mail. I'm too lazy to download Snapper Mail and try it. Based on the descriptions, it doesn't seem to give you anything more. Attachments? Does Eudora support attachments? I forget. Obviously I haven't had occasion to worry too much about it.
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    It doesn't do attachments but I'm pretty happy with Mark Space. It's pretty easy to use it and go through to get all the spam off your server and I like the ability to filter and color code messages.
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    Eudora doesn't do attachments, unfortunately. For that I use Sprint's BusConn, then forward the attachment to a cool service called PrinterOn. I get the text of the attachment emailed back to me within about 30 seconds. I'm still using the 60-day free trial, then it's a couple bucks a month, I think.

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