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    I was looking at the update for Treo 90, as I'm looking at getting bluetooth on my Treo. I'm a little nervous with having to use the update as all my data will be erased. The hot-sync before and after option Handspring suggests hasn't worked for me in the past. I had PRC's that weren't restored, but the databases were,.. app's I hadn't used in months were back (I guess they were still hanging around in backup).

    So here is my own idea, would this work even easier?

    Run back-up to SD card (with Blue Nomad back-up), run update, restore from SD card...

    As I understand the Update would be "burned" to the chip so a restore would keep the updated version of the Palm OS, corect?
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    You are exactly right, and that is the method I would reccomend. Blue Nomad offers a free version of their Backup Buddy VFS, which has worked flawlessly. The only limit on that program is that the free version can only full backups and restores - not restores of individual files... But good luck - and it is well worth it...
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    yah it worked fairly well. had one small hiccup that a reset seemed to have fixed.

    definately looking forward to getting bluetooth not just for my pda but my next cell phone (ericsson t68i) will have bluetooth, plus keyboard and mice will be bluetooth too

    any suggestions on what bluetooth USB dongle I should get? I've been looking at 3com, d-link, belkin. what about the SD I/O card? Is palm the only choice ?
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    Though BackupBuddyVFS can't retrieve individual files, Filez can copy individual files from the Backup directory to RAM. It's very handy for when you accidentally delete a database.

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