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    I was charging my phone and when I came back to it. All of the suddend I can barely see the screen. Almost like there is no power to it. It is still there just vary faint. Any answers or anything I can do to fix it?
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    Sounds like you've become a victim of the dreaded back light failure that handspring had a while back with defective screen back lights! Call them and request a replacement!
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    I've been using a Treo 270 for about 4 months with problems whatsoever, then last week the earpiece dies on me gradually at first (I could hear people after 5 -10 secs of a call) then totally. Handspring sent me a replacement which took a week to arrive - ridiculous seeing as I live in London and it only has to come from Holland - and on the first day of use the screen dies on me. This was after losing all my stored SMS and the speed dial settings on the first Hotsync which technical support just couldn't have cared less about. "What do you want me to do about it sir" was one of the answers I got from this bunch of modern day shelf stackers. I went from never having had a problem to losing a load of information, a bunch of error messages popping up which never occurred before (tech supports answer "it must be third party software" How can it be if it worked fine on my Treo before?) and then finally at 8pm Friday night the screen dying on me. That means I have to go at least the whole weekend without a useable phone, probably more like a week by the time they get one back to me. It seems to me that this product isn't going to be attractive to the type of person who can be without a phone for a week, what the fcuk are they doing sending out dodgy replacement Treos? On their website they say that they have ironed out the problem and have gone through their entire inventory correcting the backlight problem. That's bull****.
    Rant over.

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