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    Best Buy 3-year replacement plan: 7 cents per day (3-years for $80) covers normal wear-and-tear. Sprint replacement plan: 13 cents per day ($4 per month) covers accidental damage and loss. So, for about 20 cents per day, I’m covered for wear-and-tear, accidental damage, and loss…what do you think?
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    On this same subject - I buying my Treo 300 thru Amazon. Is there anyplace I could get a replacement plan for it? I sure would feel better if I had one.
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    Check Sprints website, they have listed a replacement option for $4 a month, looks pretty decent, but I believe you need to call up to get it added since it isn't listed on the website as addable. Probably because they don't want people to call up and add it after they have lost their phone .

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    I used Sprint's equipment replacement program not long ago and I would recommend it for an expensive phone like the Treo. The actual replacement is done via a company called "Lock\Line".

    If you didn't enroll for the program when you got your Sprint contract (like I did) then you might need to enroll through lock\line. Sprint will let you know. The process is pretty simple.

    If your phone is damaged in a way that prevents it from functioning properly, just call lock/line's 800 number and talk to a rep and explain the situation. You will have to pay a $30 deductable over the phone using a credit card. They might accept checks also, I'm not sure.

    They will then mail you 2nd day a replacement phone. It will likely be a refurbished model in mint condition. If they don't have the exact model anymore because it's discontinued or something, they will ship you a phone of equal value.. but you never know until you get it. I had the Kyocera 6135 replaced and I luckily got the same model back even though new 6135's haven't been produced for a while.

    They will also ship you a FedEx return kit to ship your broken phone back to them with preprinted label. All in all, it was a painless experiance and worth the $4 a month.

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