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    I'm trying to list the best alternatives to Treo's SMS app.

    Any idea???
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    i have been using maxtext. very nice. developers v responsive. one drawback: with the current version, u cant send an SMS msg to an email address.
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    I tried using MaText but was confused by the various matext.prc files available.

    With one (found in 'Treo GPRS' folder), Matext was looking for an IR connection to a mobile phone.
    With the other (in 'English' folder), it only said that it couldn't send my test message without any further explanation.

    I looked around in Preferences and alike and couldn't find anything useful to make it work.

    I downloaded only yesterday their latest available version.

    Anything I should know to be a happy camper?

    By the way, is MaText able to send a message to more than one receiver at a time?

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