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    Everytime I sync my 300 the Hotsync program crashes. I thought I would reinstall it, however I have misplaced my CD. I went to the Handspring site and they say to go to for support. I could not find any software downloads on the Sprintpcs site.

    So my question is, can I use the "Palm Desktop and HotSync 4.0.1" from Handspring even though it says it only works for the Treo 90, Treo 180, Treo 180g and Treo 270?

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    I'm using Hotsync 4.0.1. I got mine from the Handspring site about two week ago, but now it appears they only have the 270 version. I really doubt that it's a different version. My guess is Sprint got mad and told Handspring to take it off. I know for a fact that Sprint has done that in the past with other issues.

    Try downloading the 270 version, and Handspring will ask for your Treo serial number. It will be interesting to see if they disallow it.

    I just now went to the Sprint site but they don't have a Hotsync download, so I'd call them and ask. I also did a quick search on Google but couldn't see anything quickly.

    If it helps any, the size of the Hotsync file I downloaded is 12,117KB. Good luck.
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    I was able to install the version from successfully. But the Hotsync still crashes. Any suggestions on why this is happening. My sync gets thru Eudora, expense and notes, then crashes each time as it syncs my calendar with Outlook.

    If I ignore the "Hotsync Manager will now be shut down" message the sync completes successfully.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Disabling the Outlook conduit, to see if it will complete the sync (IOW, try to isolate the error).
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    markshelby thanks for the advice. It turns out it was the Eudora Internet Suite that was causing all the issues. I removed it and everything is back in shape.


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