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    i used mine today w/ out 1 hang. granted, i didn't do that much w/ it, but at least i can breathe again. i know it'll crash, especially when i really need it. so that's what i'm counting on.

    isn't it sad that we know the handspring support phone number by heart? that should tell us all something about the product that we claim to love. what if these things were refrigerators? or t.v. sets? would we accept the flaws so easily?
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    Originally posted by sringle
    Anyone know if there is a way to tell if a unit is refurbished outside of asking Handspring? I've seen numerous posts about upgrading to a 270 but I don't think I've actually seen any posts about success. I wouldn't mind paying something for the upgrade if it was reasonable.
    I believe most of the 180s they send out are Refurb units. The last one I got though was brand new. I suspect, however, that now they they are discontinuing the 180s, they may stop refurbishing and just send out what they've got on hand? Who knows.

    As for upgrading to the 270, I kind of half jokingly asked about that, and was told in no uncertain terms that there is no option to upgrade to the 270. Bummer.
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    by the looks of the last 2 i've had, i'd say they're new, or the boys and girls over at hs are doing a hell of a job refurb-ing them. my guess is that they'll try to unload the 180s in anticipation of releasing something "better".
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    My 2 replacements looked brand new as well but according to Handspring they were refurbs. It makes me a feel better that they were refurbs because they both weren't working (bad radio, lockups) from the first time I used them. Now I'm waiting on my two returns to close so that I can get a third sent out. I really don't like the idea of refurbished units as a lot of the problems people have are sporadic problems. I can't imagine Solectron spends a day using the Treo to fully test them out. I fear that the returned Treo gets a test, if it works then back out the door to the next person for a future return. I'm actually regretting sending in my first unit as the only problem it had was a dead speaker but the headset and everything else worked fine. The good news is that I haven't been charged any advanced replacement fees (as far as I know) so as long as that continues I guess I can keep sending them back and using my Nokia until I get a good one.
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    Just finished speaking to Handspring who agreed that it would be no problem sending a new replacement due to the 2 defective refurbs I received...however since they discontinued them they don't think they have any to send. The person I spoke with was really helpful and is going to talk to a specific person on Monday to see what they can do and give me a call back. If I don't get a new one I'll be selling the refurbished one on eBay (as soon as I get a stable one) and switching to a 270 or something else (I'd really like it to be something else but I haven't found any that have features like the Treo). I don't trust the refurbished units enough to think I can use it reliably.
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    ...okay, i'm not trying to kill your buzz, but the call will never come. please respond if it does, and tell me the name of the person you talk to. i was supposed to be getting a call from them as well, never came.

    you don't have to send the refurb back?!
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    Monique called me back today...I wasn't able to take it so she left a message. They apparently have no new 180's at all so I have to call back for a replacement. I called back and find out that both of my previous returns are still open. Gave the airbill numbers to verify they were received on 2/3 and 2/6. Now they have to research why those are still open before they can send another. I went ahead and gave the story about the tech support rep who told me I could switch the back plates and serial numbers on my original unit with the first replacement as my original unit still worked with a headset and it's replacement did not work at all. I'm guessing that is causing some problems now. This rep is supposed to call me back as well when this clears to send a new replacement. This time I don't expect a call back though...the rep sounded really put out. The current 180 I have is worthless. It locks up 3-5 times per day. I'm using a backup Nokia now.
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    I've had the treo for about 8 months now and about a month ago, I've had to reset almost every freagin day!!! I also can't make phone calls or recevive them after my first incoming or outgoing call. Very dissatisfied with the product and the wireless service!!!!!
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    My 2nd Treo (first lasted 5 months until speaker wire failed) just died after 5 months. This time, the radio froze up (would not register to network). Even tried Radio Reset on this GPRS unit. It also is burning through the battery (as if there is something running full tilt [like the radio, exccept I have reset the unit and Wireless Mode is Off]). Did the dance with HS support, and they are shipping out a replacement (probably a refurb). Same old saga...
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    Well my replacements that I sent back still haven't closed but Handspring did go ahead and send me another one. I got it today and it is working fine. I did notice on this one that the sticker with the serial number is different. On my original and the first 2 replacements the serial number was on a sliver of a sticker. On this last one the sticker and serial number was about double the size of the others. This may not mean anything but I like to think that it means I received a new unit. Anyway, off to Handspring to buy the extended warranty (just in case).
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    Woohoo! My latest Treo seems to be working great. This is the new unit they sent in the retail box.

    My RMAs have been closed too, so they got the old phones back from me ok. And they didn't even say anything about me not sending back the old sync cable and charger. Sweet! That saves me some money - won't have to buy a travel charger. I can toss the little box with the charger from this new unit in my suitcase next time I'm on the road.
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    I have read all the threads and I am perplexed.

    My Treo 180 was ordered the first week it came out. I have not had any of the problems that you all have stated.

    I use my Treo everyday.

    I do not want to jinx myself but I guess that I'm very lucky.

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    Well, my 1st refurb was crashing several times a day even after a hard reset when it had no data or programs! The screen would go jibberish & it wouldn't connect to the network & it would drain the battery. It would crash 5-6 times in a row just trying to turn on the phone even after a hard reset when it had no back up data in it. They sent me a 2nd refurb & this one didn't even work right out of the box. It said that the sim card was not allowed, so now they are sending me yet another refurb in spite of me insisting that they send me a new one or a refund. They will not refund after 30 days.
    I thought I was the hotshot with this new phone, boy was I wrong, the joke is on me.
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    Add one more phone to this list. I just got off the phone with Handspring and they will be sending me a new phone within 3-5 days. The problem I had with mine was the radio failing to consistently work.
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    Well, I received my 4th Treo last week (refurb) & other than having some problems with getting one touch mail to work after the hot sync everything seems to be in working order. I had to delete all my one touch files & add new ones. This one seems to be in good shape. Keep my fingers crossed.
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    OK, got my 1st T180 last April, and it lasted until September 2002, until the speaker wire broke. Got a refurb, which lasted until a week or so ago, when the radio froze up and would not respond to a reset. Got my 3rd T180 from HS support, and it had daily power management problems (would just go dead-no power, no nothing) which responded to a simple reset by dumping everything (like a hard reset). Called HS support and pitched a fit. They said that there are no new T180s around, and that I would get an other refurb. Got them to give me HS corporate phone number. The receptionist heard me out, and handed me off to a corporate customer relations rep. He heard me out, I noted that I could not rely on the refurb units, he said that they had no new T180s. I got him to send me a new T270, and we will do a complicated 3 way RMA which hopefully will leave me with a new working Treo and not be out of pocket any $$. Just finished the full Treo dance (GPRS upgrade, reinstall 13 megs of data/files, resync, etc--almost 2 hours of fooling). We'll see how long this one lasts.
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    Just received my latest replacement treo 180! And it's dead also!
    Amazing this will be my 6th replacement unit, 3 in the past month, all DOA RMA Units.

    This has to be the WORST Quality Assurance program I've ever heard. Maybe they hired someone from General Motors Quality Assurance team in the 70's.

    I also enquired about moving to another model, not becuase I need the color screen (i don't) but just becuase there has to be SOMETHING better than the 180. Nope, can't do it according to handspring. If someone has another number they can post, I'd appreciate it, becuase this is just unnerving. . .
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    I'm wishing ill on all of Handspring. I hope they crash and burn.

    I got my 180g back in May, 2002. By August the speaker was dead. Got a new one from HS, pronto. No questions asked. Now I'm getting the very same issue. Going to place call ASAP when support is open again, but I've had it. I want a device like this... the all-in-one aspect is something I have gotten used to. I like Palm-based devices and don't want to give M$ anymore of my money. What is a guy to do?

    Given the recent posts on this, I suspect I won't be getting a 180g as a replacement. I actually like graffiti, y'know? I guess I'll have to get my big mitts used to typing on a Lilliputian keyboard. Ugh!
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    I got this nice new retail boxed brand new Treo 180 as my 3rd replacement in 9 months a few weeks back. Works well. No speaker issues. It seemed like the battery was draining kind of quickly, though.

    So this weekend I'm on the road. Didnt bring the charger along, even though I have a spare. I took it off the charger at about 9am. By midnight the battery was completely dead. I used it to check email and some news headlines - maybe 5 minutes GPRS use. Made a total of about 15 minutes worth of telephone calls.

    Guess I am going to have to send THIS ONE back too. GRRRR!!!!

    Anybody got a phone number or name I can talk to at corporate to ***** at and try to get a Treo 270? (Although reading the 270 boards, they seem to have trouble too)
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    That's what the customer service rep told me as he mailed out my fourth Treo....

    Two times would be a after having three replacements...I'm starting to see a trend.

    And this time I'm not getting a new one. I'm getting a refurbished one. Which means that something else on it will break even faster.

    And now T-mobile is handling the returns for some reason?

    I asked about the 270 replacement rumor. Just a rumor. After 3 replacements you just get another 180.
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