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    My Treo either freezes or resets itself about once a day. My Palm V almost NEVER froze or reset itself. I'm getting my Treo replaced, but I'm still very upset at the quality. If I continue to have problems with my new one, I'll have to consider getting a new cell phone. I hear that those sprint vision phones are nice, and I'll bet they don't freeze on a daily basis . . .
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    my first treo died from the classic speaker death syndrome. the replace came on the 15th of january, and lived through csd syndrome, but died of what i think might be a new one. i fully charged it after it arrived, and tried to recharge it after the original charge ran out, but #2 didn't respond to the charger (it wouldn't charge). i plugged the charger into #1 (csd syndrome), and IT would charge. i called handspring immediately, but they told me that they couldn't send ANOTHER replacement until they'd received #1! i sent it out on the 16th, so i'll have to be without a phone until next week! that's just peachy. i'm not sure what i'm gonna do. any suggestions.
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    Perhaps you should just print out every thread regarding this sesnseless design flaw (... it's JUST a wire!) and fax it on a daily basis to the Handspring CEO's office number (if we can get an mole to give it out).
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    My tale of woe...

    Purchased Treo 180 in May.

    Classic Speaker Death in December.

    Called for an RMA around Dec. 15.

    Didn't receive the Return Box until after Christmas because they didn't put my address on the package, only my phone number, and Airborne Express had to call me to figure out where the heck to deliver it.

    Packaged and mailed the Treo on Jan. 2.

    No word from them or package in the mail... so I finally write an email to Customer Support for the RMA status on Jan. 14.

    I receive an email that they have no record of it and to call a representative for assistance.

    I find the tracking number at home, and find that Airborne Express delivered the package the morning of Jan. 7.

    Call the customer service agent who quickly apologizes and says that did in fact have the unit, but they've been busy because of the holidays and turnaround time is expected to be 72 hours.

    It is now Jan. 21, and no package. No word from them. I wrote another email this morning asking for the tracking number of an already shipped replacement, an immediate shipping of a new unit, or negotiations to pay my cell phone bill this month.

    I understand that turnaround time may be slow this time of year, but sitting on a unit for two weeks is inexcusable. I really like the functionality and form of the Treo, but with this experience I am going to avoid Handspring and recommend others to do so.
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    I was *given* an in warranty Treo 180 by a friend frustrated with intermittent sound, which occured whether or not the speaker phone was on or not. There was no problem if the ear plug was used. In any event, the problem could be temporarily circumvented by exerting very firm lateral pressure on the base of the cover at the hinge, with the cover open. Clearly, an intermittent contact which could be overcome by brute force. HandSpring replaced the unit, and there's been no problem with that since.
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    I'm on Treo #3 now.

    The first one's speaker conked out about a month after I got it. All was well with that one until a week or two ago when the speaker started not working intermitantly.

    I called up HS, paid $20 to talk to someone who barely spoke english, who told me to try making a few more calls and see if it kept doing it after a reset. (Duh!)

    No luck with that, so I called back. This person told me they'd replace the unit, and not charge me the advance replacement fee.

    So this afternoon the new one arrives. The email they sent said they were sending a 180 w/ USB cable. There's no usb cable in the package they sent, so I'm not sending the old one back. This worries me - they'll probably charge me $50 for that.

    Anyway, I start using the new 180 that came today. Speaker works fine. But the new unit's stylus keeps falling out. GRRRRR!

    I called Handspring, and the guy on the phone was real helpful. He said "Put a piece of tape over it"

    I really don't like the idea of having to put a piece of tape over a $600 piece of hardware to keep it from falling apart!

    I think I will be calling them back again seeking a better solution to this problem. Hopefully they'll send me another unit that's not gonna go kaput on me.

    Wonder if I can talk them into sending me a 270?? Has anyone tried?
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    Pilot 1000user
    When I got my replacement they told me to keep all accessories cords etc to use on the new one & only send the actual unit back so you should be OK there.
    I've heard other people on this board say that they've had units replaced for the reason of the stylus falling out only.
    BTW I'd keep the old sylus also
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    Well I called back this morning. The guy I talked to this time didn't think I should have to put tape over the stylus either.

    When he found out this will be my third replacement, he said "Ok, this time we will be sending you a BRAND NEW Treo."

    Oo la la! I am assuming he means a brand new Treo 180 though, not a 270 :-P
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    My 2nd 180 (a refurb) has started crashing constantly to the point of even needing to be hard reset at times. Problem is I have added no new programs or apps since I've had my old unit which never crashed. What is up with that? When do you think they'll run out of 180's so I force them to upgrade me to a 270?
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    I've seen these type of threads forever, thought I was just lucky to get a good one. I purchased my Treo 180 in July, performed the GPRS upgrade for the mute feature and have never had any problems. Until speaker died on my Treo, I can only use it with the headset. Just received my replacement today and it only connects to the network 1 out of every 5 or so tries. Support wanted me to intall and run reset radio. That program is useless as it wouldn't even run regardless of how many times I did a soft reset as per their website. The Reset Radio did let me see of nice display of "fatal error" on my Treo so that was entertaining. Second replacement Treo on the way. I wised up this time and supplied an actual credit card instead of a debit card so I have a little reassurance that Mastercard will have my back if I run into any problems. It might get a little confusing tracking all of these returns. According to the rep I spoke with I'm still supposed to send back my original (working with dead speaker) in place of the one I got today and then send that one back when I get the second replacement. I'm not really crazy about that idea because who knows how long this will go on before I get a working unit? The rep I spoke to suggested I just switch the SIM door and send back the replacement as the original. Not a bad idea, but I'm a little suprised they suggested that. I've seen it mentioned a couple of times on here about getting a 270 if you require a third replacement. Any more information on that because I have a pretty good feeling I'll be there soon. Tons of fun.
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    Read the threads in the 270 discussion, sounds like it is not any better than the 180, speaker dying etc.
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    Actually I was just reading that before I read your message. It looks like a Treo 300 is the way to go. Still I'd feel better having a problem plagued phone that still costs $500 (270) as opposed to a phone that I paid $500 for (180), doesn't work, and now can be bought for $99 to free with rebates. It's disgusting to think of how much equipment (not just phones) that I have bought recently that is worth a fraction of what I paid for it. Maybe some day soon I'll learn my lesson and not have to have everything as soon as it comes out.
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    I am hoping the new Treo 180 I get in a couple days (I thinking it won't be a 270 they send me) will last until fall. Maybe by that time, something even cooler will be out, and the 270s will be down to the sub-$200 level.
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    on an earlier post on this thread i was telling my tale of woe concerning my 180 problems. it just gets better. they received the first bad one, and aren't getting my replacement out in any paricular hurry. what does this mean?! it means that since i sent my original "bad" 180 in to handspring, i have been with a fully functioning one for a day and a half in the past 30! i'm still paying for a service i'm not using. hs doesn't offer any sort of recompense for their crappy product. it's a pity that i have an out-of-pocket expense for a device i'm not even using. i've emailed voicestream, and they said i'd receive a response w/in 24 hours. that was 72 hours ago, and nothing. i bought their service because i had a visorphone that conked (how can anyone really tell, it's a hunk of stuff too) out after a short time, and i "upgraded" to a 180. maybe we're all suckers for trusting handspring. if they'll let me out of the contract for free, i'm going to get a 90, and a cheap phone. does anyone else have another suggestion? maybe a more reliable smart phone that runs palm os? i'm about at wit's end.
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    Well my new(est) Treo arrived monday. (This is number 4). This time they sent me a brand new unit in the retail box. Oo la la.

    Of course they didn't send packing or anything to send the old one back. Luckily, I hadn't sent back #2 yet (It failed last week, and #3 that came last wed. Had a loose stylus. I came with the return box and postage thing). So I boxed those 2 up together and sent them back. Didnt think to return the cables or anything. Oh well. Watch Handspring nail me for that.

    All is well so far with Treo #4 so far. We will see how long that lasts. Hopefully long enough that the prices on color pda phones will have gotten down to a level I can afford.
  16. #36 #3 today (wed). it was charged out of the box, so i synced it and, and, and, fatal error after fatal error after fatal error. soft reset, soft reset, hard reset, sync, fatal error, hard reset - no probs yet, but low battery alert! ain't life (with a treo communicator) grand?!

    my new neighbor came by last night and he had an ipaq 5455 ($699). THAT'S something else! that and a dependable phone might be what i've been looking for. i'd feel like such a traitor, though.

    i can't believe they'd send you one out w/out having others back, they told me that they "couldn't" do that. i think my main disappointment w/ handspring is how un-unified their support seems to be. it seems that they tell one person one thing and another something else. ....and it took you from wed. to monday to get the NEXT one, while you still had 2 "out"?! i'm going to call them tomorrow. this is ridiculous considering what i had to go through just to get #3!
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    i can't believe they'd send you one out w/out having others back, they told me that they "couldn't" do that. i think my main disappointment w/ handspring is how un-unified their support seems to be. it seems that they tell one person one thing and another something else. ....and it took you from wed. to monday to get the NEXT one, while you still had 2 "out"?! i'm going to call them tomorrow. this is ridiculous considering what i had to go through just to get #3! [/B][/QUOTE]

    Well my first one that I bought in april went out in june. They did an advance replacement on that one for me. That worked fine until a couple weeks ago. Called up, got advance replacement for that one too. So at that point I had 2. The one they sent though had a problem when I got it, so I called right back and told them better send out another. The first guy said they couldn't but I pitched a fit and said LISTEN.... Finally they agreed
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    Just an update. Received my second replacement this week (all within 2 weeks). On the first sync I received a Fatal Exception. It didn't look good for this replacement but I continued to use it. Since then I receive a Fatal Exception 2-3 times per day. Finally called Handspring. I was tempted to just say the signal was weak so I wouldn't have to go through everything. I went ahead and told them about the Fatal Exceptions. As I expected they blamed it on 3rd part software even though I haven't installed any new software since my original purchase in August. So of course now I'm running on a hard reset with a completely empty backup folder. Hopefully it will do a Fatal Exception today so I can get the replacement on the way. Anyone know if there is a way to tell if a unit is refurbished outside of asking Handspring? I've seen numerous posts about upgrading to a 270 but I don't think I've actually seen any posts about success. I wouldn't mind paying something for the upgrade if it was reasonable.
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    Originally posted by sringle
    Anyone know if there is a way to tell if a unit is refurbished outside of asking Handspring
    This is still "asking HandSpring," but I was told explicitly that the Treo 180's are NOT being refurbished, but that NEW ones are all that are being shipped.

    Now, one caveat: the FIRST time I returned a Treo 180, I got my ORIGINAL Treo 180 in return. Not fixed. I suspect this was an error, but don't know for sure. They sent one out NIB after that. Subsequent replacements have been just the bare device, w/o cables, manual, etc.
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    Just an F.Y.I. My 2nd relpacement continued to lock up after I removed all 3rd party applications so I called Handspring back. While the person I was speaking with was setting up my replacement I asked if the replacements I have been getting are new or refurbished and he told me they are refurbished. I asked for a new one since this will be my 3rd refurbished one in a week and a half. He gave me customer care's number and I have to speak to them in order to have a new unit sent as my replacement.
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