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    Yesterday my cradle came in... I hooked it up to my Apple 17" LCD, USB connection... Everything seemed like it was working the same as the normal sync cable... But, when I started using my music software, I got frequent type 11 errors... I went to the extention pannels... made sure that I was in my MUSIC settings... and disabled ALL Palm/Handspring extentions and control pannels... Because, I don't need them... But, still "type 11" errors...

    I ended up disconnecting it while I was working in my music program... (I had to finish up a project so this was my best sollution for the time being)... And, the type 11 errors went away...

    Anyone know the main difference between the sync cable that comes with the treo 90, and the cradle? I figured that they where the same other than some plastic...

    I rehooked the cradle up to my USB hub last night... and it syncs... And tonight I will try using my program that it was conflicting with... If I still have the problem... I will take it to work, and bring the sync cable back home...

    Anyone else have these problems?

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    I'm not positive, but I believe a type 11 error is a memory error. I'm not sure if you have an application that needs a larger allocation of memory, but I would boost the memory requirements of the application(s) that are involved, and try syncing again.

    Of course, a type 11 error might be something else entirely!

    Good luck,


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