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    Anyone has any idea on the rumoured add-on battery pack for the Treo? Earlier, there was a rumour of SD slot and battery add-on pack for Treo.

    But after that, no news.


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    If it ain't at Comdex it's probably not going to happen in the near future or at all!
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    The link above will point you to a homely reserve battery that runs on AA batteries and promises several Treo charges on the AAs. Haven't heard anyone here who uses it.
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    I bought the 9V battery adaptor from Seidio (reviewed on this site) and for now its all I need, just in case.
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    I won 2 of the AA battery packs (only wanted 1 but ... yaay ebay)

    I will post as much of a review as I can muster once they arrive.

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    Got my battery packs a couple days ago and let me sy they do exactly what they are supposed to do.

    I've charged 3x in the last 2 days w/ no problems whatsoever.

    I can throw the Treo and the battery pack in my pocket and charge wherever I am. The battery pack is a little heavy, but other than that it seems just fine. The plug end is also a little tight but I expect that to eventually loosen up a bit.

    I would reccomend these to anyone who is tired of lugging around the plug or considering buying another type of charger.

    I'm using rechargable NiMh batteries so it's saving me quite a bit over buying another wall charger.

    I can post some pictures or something if anyone is interested...

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    I'm looking forward to reviews on the AA and the 9V battery packs both. Also, pictures would help!

    And, are the "NiMH" batteries mentioned to be used with the AA battery pack?

  8. #8 which sold me my AA battery pack for Prism has a Treo model too---they are cheap-ish and reliable.

    once again, though, my MANY thanks to Handspring for making every darned accessory I owned for Prism obsolete. I mean, would it have been so hard to keep the plugs compatible? Or at least sell an adaptor for $2.99 so your loyal and longtime customers can avoid replacing everything under the sun from keyboards to chargers to battery packs??

    Oh, well. That's another rant.
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    See this link for an alternate source; I was skeptical and am happy.
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    i bought one of the aa battery packs from peakcloudy on ebay. it works just as advertised, charged my treo from it just to check it out. i consider it just one more failsafe. can carry it in my hip pack if i'm away from car or pc and need to talk or surf for extended times.

    the one thing that occured to me right from the start with the rumored add-on battery from handspring is that it would make my cases useless which in turn would make the phone harder to carry, so the aa add-on is probably as practical as anything anyway considering the price and how easy it is to get aa batteries...
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