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    Well the last problem I seem to have with Sprint is that I can not get my @ sprint pcs mail...

    it says ont he website I have 176 new messages, the amount that was in there with the 3g.. I can even see them with my business connection (there is an option to add pcs mail) however ont he website when I click it prompts me to add mail and then comes up with a blank screen.. my phone # isnt even in the top dropdown list.

    So I csitll can not access mail or calendar stuff not on the vision or other side.

    Anyone else still having this prob?? They say they were going to fix it weeks ago!!!

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    Hmm ... it sounds like an account issue -- bad user/password settings, etc. Did you go through that inane process to change your pcs email password on the Sprint site already?

    Several people, including myself, had a similar problem weeks ago when they changed the former 2G users to 3G. You might try a search on this issue. There might be something there.
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    They just activated my Vision screen (2 weeks after switching from 2g to 3g) and I have the same problem. It asks me to sign up for Spint PCS Mail and I hit the button to sign up and I get a blank screen.
    I don't go through their pop server anyhow so it's not a big deal for me.
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    I did the password reset and allt hat and can get onto the vision side which is the same as the other side..

    But on either no mail.


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