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    After 3+ months as a Vision beta-tester I pulled the plug this evening and cancelled my account with Sprint. I'm beaten, worn and tired with my efforts to make this Vision thing happen. Two Treo's, an A500, and a LG5350 were enough to convince me that Vision should be more appropriately named "Ether". Sadly, this decision comes after almost 7 years with Sprint, dating back to the earliest Spectrum days.

    Ever since my cutover to Vision in August, my service has been an ongoing nightmare. The show-stopper is that even the voice coverage in my area has gone downhill. Never had this problem with the old PCS or Spectrum service and no one @ Sprint was able to offer an explanation for the change. Since Sprint refuses to acknowledge that there are any system issues that could be the cause of my trouble, I have to assume the service will never get any better.

    I've spoken with my wallet which, in the end, is really the only thing that matters in this business. On a closing note, hats-off to Treocentral for such a great spot for anything Treo -- it's been fun!
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    So quick to blame someone else, even when it seems the only common denominator in all your situations was... well, you.

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    I hate to see you but understand your frustrations with sprint. I also thought about leaving but my coverage here is excellent and I love the Treo. I've had all sorts of problems with vision, though sprint was quick to issue credits. The treo should hold me over till the Kyocera 7135 arrives.
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    After nearly a week it seems the Vision service here in Richmond, VA works flawlessly, and coverage is solid. Web browsing is fast, e-mail (via Eudora) works great. Sorry your experience in your area was so poor.
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    This might be a little off topic, but it sure would be helpful if people updated their geographical location in their profiles. I've read a lot of posts from people complaining about service in their area, but they don't say what area they are in.
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    my treo works flawlessly in austin, houston, dallas (all the hoghways in between these texas cities too.) It has also worrked wonderfully in Vegas. It has worked in numerous hotel elevators as well.
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    Originally posted by AntiGravityHero
    So quick to blame someone else, even when it seems the only common denominator in all your situations was... well, you.

    Actually, you seem to be the only one blaming someone else.
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    Hey in The Rio Grand Valley in Texas, we have not been able to receive any calls to any sprint pcs phones for two days.

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