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    Today, the local service rep from the Sprint store where I signed up called me to tell me that he had "tagged" our phones for an update. He said I needed to call *2 on our phones to recieve the update. I did this, and the recording informed us of the update and said it would take a minute to complete, which it did.

    I'm new to Sprint (signed up 2 weeks ago) and haven't done anything like that with my old provider (US Cellular). What do these updates do, and are they fairly common? I assume it's not phone specific, because I have a Treo and all the other phones are LG 5350's.
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    I found this information for you.

    PRL 10017 released on 11/15

    On November 15th Preferred Roaming List (PRL) 10017 will be available
    for single-band, dual-band and
    dual-band/tri-mode handsets on the OTA and IT servers. The file name is
    PRLV10017.PRL. This news flash will provide details on what changes are
    available with PRL 10017 as well as helpful tips on updating the PRL.

    Network Acquisition

    Changes were made to optimize Sprint PCS acquisition (finds PCS signal
    quicker) in and around the following markets. It is recommended that all
    customers in and traveling to these areas obtain a PRL update in order
    to take advantage of these enhancements.

    - Winchester, VA

    - Clarksburg, WV

    - Charleston, WV

    - Charlottesville, VA

    - Roanoke, VA

    - Alamogordo, NM

    - Harrisburg, MS

    - Durango, CO

    Roaming Additions/Coverage Corrections

    There was no change in roaming coverage with this PRL release.

    International Roaming Additions

    Enhancements were made to PRL 10017 that will pave the way for future
    international roaming locations. After roaming implementation is
    completed for these areas, a communication will be distributed via the
    weekly field ops bulletin to announce the new coverage areas.

    Cost Savings Benefit

    Several changes were made in PRL 10017 that will help to generate cost
    savings for Sprint PCS and its Affiliates.
    These changes will result in our customers being directed to roaming
    partners with which Sprint PCS has negotiated
    favorable roaming rate agreements. Annually, PRL updates help save
    millions of dollars.

    Tips on Updating the PRL

    There are two strategies for updating a customer's PRL.

    1. Over the Wire (OTW) at a Sprint PCS Retail Center

    Technical Support Representatives (TSRs) at Sprint PCS Retail Centers
    can download updated PRL's into customer's handsets. The download takes
    approximately 5 minutes to complete. Customers may have to wait for 15
    minutes to 4 hours depending on how busy the TSR is upgrading phones.

    2. Over the Air (OTA) by Dialing *2 while on the Sprint PCS Network

    All Sprint handsets excluding the Sony CM-D600S, Qualcomm PDQ, Samsung
    1000, and the Wireless Web Modem are capable of receiving a PRL update

    Manual OTA Updates

    Dial *2 while on the Sprint PCS network from your Sprint phone.
    Ask the Customer Solutions Advocate or CLAIRE for a "PRL Update".
    You will be transferred to a Trouble Specialist who will then flag your
    account to receive the PRL update.
    Dial *2 again and you will hear a recording that your update is taking
    Calling *2 is free and will not deduct from your minutes.

    What is a PRL Update?


    The preferred roaming list (PRL) is a file contained in all Sprint
    handsets that helps direct the phone to the preferred network in an

    PRL Functions - Directs the handset to the correct network in a timely

    Functions NOT preformed by the PRL

    - Does not help with dropped calls

    - Does not help with call quality (e.g. static, cross-talk, etc.)

    - Does not enhance or add phone features

    - Does not remedy credit card prompts in roaming areas

    - Does not change when new towers are added in an area. New towers are
    set to existing network SIDs.
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    Just got the update. I'm in Richmond, VA (near Charlottesville). Dialed *2, process was automatic, went flawlessly, took about 45 seconds.
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    Where did you find all that information about the update? I live in Richmond as well, but when I called customer service, I was told I did not need the update.
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    Hey, thanks for the info. I live in NC but I suppose I'm close enough to Virginia for them to determine that I need the update. The Sprint rep said he didn't think the update was going to be released until February, but it came out sooner than he was expecting.
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    Most of the CSRs don't know what you're talking about if you give them too much detail. Simply dial *2 and tell the CSR you want your account flagged for the new PRL update. They may put you on hold for about three minutes. They told me my account had been flagged and it should take 24hrs for it to filter throuh the system. I waited 15mins called *2, was greeted with a message that my account was being updated. It took less than one min. I live in south central Va but often travel throuh Lynchburg and Roanoke. I have the Digital Link.

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    Originally posted by procure
    Where did you find all that information about the update? I live in Richmond as well, but when I called customer service, I was told I did not need the update.
    I just dialed *2 and the system immediately detected that I needed it and played some shi*ty music while it updated my Treo. Check the current version of your PRL (Phone->Menu->Options->Phone Info). Maybe it somehow already got updated. If it's 10017, then you're good.

    So I don't have the only Treo 300 in Richmond, huh ?

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