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    I'd like to compile a cross-platform IM java applet, MiMessenger (it does Yahoo, AIM, MSN and ICQ) into a java-based .prc file using the MIDP converter tools.

    Here are the .jar and .jad files:

    And here is MIDP for Palm:

    I have successfully converted some other JAR/JAD file parings (and run them with no problems on my Treo), but when I run the PRC Converter Tool against the MiMessenger files, I get a error message that says:

    "Result:Failed: The .JAD and .JAR files cannot be converted because critical information between the two files does not match. Try downloading the file again or contact the application provider."

    There is indeed a URL in the JAD file. I have tried to replace the URL in the JAD file with just the name of the JAR file (as I have seen in other JAD file examples that convert cleanly) but to no avail. There must be something in the JAR file that doesn't match up.

    Anyway, wondering if anyone knows more or might have better luck that me. It looks like a sweet little applet.

    Treo 270 / Cingular
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    OK, figured out how to generate a .jad file that MIDP liked (if you're interested, you can unzip the .jar and grab the file and use it as a template...) Got a nice java-based .prc that installed on my Treo.

    The bad news is it won't run within the MIDP JVM. Just starts and then stops. From the docs it looks like the code is tied to the Motorola Accompli 008. Does anyone know why the applets written to the JVM on this phone would have portability problems? I've dropped a line to the developers to see what they have to say.

    If you're interested, QSM (on the same download page as MiMessenger) is a Jabber client that converts cleanly and runs in the Palm JVM. Unfortunately, unless you have access to a jabber server with all the IM gateways installed, it's not quite what we're looking for.

    Treo 270 / Cingular

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