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    I have downloaded Xiino to my Treo 300, so that I can view my company emails, which are in javascript format. Using Xiino, I can get to the the company Outlook screen on the Treo, but only a portion of it, and that doesn't include the sign-in portion that allows me to login and get email. I can't find any way to shift the screen right, which is what I need to do (Better would be to get the whole Outlook page on the screen). Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I need to amend this query. In fact, I am now getting the entire screen, but receive an error message that I need a browser that handles both frames and javascript (i.e. I never get to the login box). Does Xiino not handle frames? With Blazer, I got to login, but was then informed that Blazer doesn't handle javascript.
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    It's difficult to respond without seeing the site in Xiino, but when I've been on pages with frames using Xiino, I've been able to move between the frames by using a drop-down diagram that will show up in the upper-right corner of Xiino.

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    A part of the answer is in this thread
    TreoFrance , la première communauté francophone entièrement dédiée au Treo

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