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    At Sprint stores...rebate is instant...reduced to $100 on 2 year contract....BUT..list is now $ still the same $299 out the door.
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    as i said, rebates, by design, are meant to frustrate you.

    it is important to follow directions to the minute details - even if that means calling a help line to find out EXACTLY what they mean before sending it.

    as i posted earlier, a phone call was all it took to clear up some confusion with the Sprint part of my rebate.

    i've been checking almost daily for the Amazon portion of my rebate.

    sometime over the past couple of days it changed from something akin to "we have recieved your submission. we are reviewing it to ensure it meets all the qualifications, etc etc" to "we have received and processed your submission. you should receive your rebate soon."

    attention to detail, dillegence, and patience are key. remember, these things sometimes take 12 weeks. that's a long time in general, especially when you're waiting for money.

    but if it seems like the length of time is extraordinary, keep on these people. have your paperwork in front of you when you speak to them - it's like going into battle - if you're not prepared, you're gonna get smoked.

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