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    Hi Everyone,

    I received my Treo 300 last week and LOVE IT. My question involves Vision (the data connection part of the Treo used for web browsing, email, etc.).

    When I haven't been on Vision for a while, either I see the two horizontal arrows next to the phone signal strength meter as gray or I don't see them at all. When I try to connect to the web, sometimes the Treo realizes that Vision isn't connected and it connects to Sprint before Blazer connects, and other times it doesn't realize it and I have to wait for Blazer to time out before I can request the page again and hopefully the Treo will realize that it needs to connect. The process can be quick or take upwards of a couple of minutes.

    Does anyone know a sure fire way to force the Treo 300 to connect to the Sprint network so I don't have to wait for Blazer to time out?

    Thanks for your help!
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    On the Treo, under Preferences, Network, Options, Preferences, you can indicate whether you want to connect to the data network whenever the wireless mode on your Treo is turned on. What this does is that if your Treo was off and you turned it on by holding down the power button, it would first connect to the Sprint network for voice use and then log into the data network. With this checked, you do not need to wait when you go into Blazer and do a query for the Treo to connect to the data network.

    Even with this option set, however, you will still run into occurrences where connectivity to a given web site will cause the Blazer to time out. Additionally, I have found instances where the data network will drop the connection and cause Blazer to time out. The Treo will then have to reconnect when you reload the query.
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    In another thread, a Sprint rep claimed that the company now disconnects data users if they are "inactive" for two hours.

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