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    I don't know if this is a unique problem, but Blazer seems to "timeout" during downloads about every other attempt. In the end its no problem (just hit the download button again, and it almost always goes through). It is a giant pain in the rear to have to click everything twice to get anything to download. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?

    It says "Data Timeout......Blazer is unable to complete the download at this time...please try again later" or something like that. Huh?
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    the treo is doing this to me also, but I can't get the page downloaded at all. did you figure this out?
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    One common reason for this error message is network congestion. It is roughly the equivalent of a busy signal.
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    This relates to the poll I posted recently. The data connection is being broken while it's not in use. This happens to me very, very frequently at times (less so at night, more so in the afternoon). I consider it far worse than a mere annoyance. For chatting (whether with Chatter or VeriChat or whatever), it means the potential for lost incoming and/or outgoing messages. And it's also a royal pain, even when the connection is repaired automatically (as happens in Chatter).

    - m

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