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    Being a former treo 180 user, I remember on the old unit, when I received a call waiting signal while on a call, I was given the option of putting the 1st person on hold or ignoring the call - as I am on the 300. However, I was also given the option of DROPPING the 1st call and connecting the second.

    Also, on the 180, when on the second call, you could freely switch to the 1st call and back again to the 2nd. On the 300, it seems as though I pick up the 2nd call, and there is no way to get back to the 1st call (ie put the 2nd call on hold). Also, I can't hang up the 2nd call without hanging up the 1st call.

    Does anyone else have this problem or know of a software fix?
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    I was wondering the same thing. I am having trouble when I get another call.
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    Not sure if this is what you are talking about, but if I'm on a call-waiting call and want to switch back to the original call, I just tap on the original call showing on the screen. Both calls should be displaying on your screen and you can move between both by selecting them.

    As for your second issue of hanging up on both calls when trying to disconnect from one, I have that same problem. Also had it on my old Sprint phone.
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    I also have trouble switching between calls, particularly when using the original headset. I frequently can't click over AND the call doesn't get logged in the caller ID so I don't even know who called.

    Is this a known issue? Is there a fix.


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