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    Mkay, so I have my nice spiffy Treo 300 that I got from Love it to death. The only problem is that the car charger that shipped with it is one of the defective ones (found this one out the hard way when I plugged it in and then had to fight with the damned thing to unplug it).

    I call SprintPCS. They say "take it in to your local SprintPCS store for exchange." So I do. Unfortunately, the SprintPCS store in this backwoods hick town, while they SELL the Treo 300, they do not stock any of the accessories for it. They're happy to special order one for me, but it will probably take a month. WTF???

    I call SprintPCS back this morning. They hand me off to their "accessories hotline" who's nice enough to inform me that they do not stock this charger and suggest I go to

    I call handspring. After hearing that my expected hold time would be "in excess of 30 minutes" I said "[CENSORED] this!" and hung up.

    Anyone know how I can obtain a functioning car charger without having to purchase one. I'm thinking the folks at SprintPCS need to be smacked in the head with a clue-by-four.


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    i got one off of ebay (cheap). had trouble unplugging it (initially), now it won't stay plugged in, and all looks like it should work, but doesn't. it DID only cost like $10, and only took 2 or 3 days to get here. take a chance?
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    My original charger had the same problem - that design flaw with the hooks. The Sprint store replaced it no problem, but with the same design.

    I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a new one - with a different design - before this one goes bad and I end up tearing something up.
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    I took a nail file (emory board) and filed off the tip of the little hooks on the side and it seemed to work a lot better. Still gets hung up sometimes. Probably do some more filing and then it will fall out. Oh Well..

    Where can you buy these things. My Local Sprint store ain't got a clue.

    Ron Vermillion
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    Looks like we have the same discussion happening over at Treocentral.

    I've seen them at a lot of places online, including Treo Central:

    Just a couple of examples.

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    I got a replacement shipped to me from sprint PCS with a more robust looking adapter. I called and demanded a replacement from SPCS, and they sent one.... Dont ask me how, I just got it.
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