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    Palm released Versa Mail for public purchase today. I heard that it was just an upgraded version of MultiMail. Anyone have or know of anyone with experience with this client via owning a Tungsten T?

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    I got a copy from a freind that owns a Tungston, but was disappointed to find out that it only supports Palms using PalmOS 4.1 or above, eliminating Treo communicator users.

    Beyond that, it doesn't appear to be a spectacular mail client, but it does seem alright (from what I can tell from the PDF documentation).
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    I had a Tungsten T for a little under a week and tried VersaMail using a Verizon wireless connection. I found it to be less stable and "versatile" than the older version of MultiMail.

    One "bug" in VersaMail is that messages deleted on the palm would not be removed from the server when using the hotsync conduit. I found out later that this was intentional, apparently since Multimail users complained about deleting mail on their palm and having it "disappear" from their desktop (wasn't that the point???). This feature cannot be enabled by the VersaMail user.

    The Tungsten went back and I am now a happy Treo 300 owner, using an older version of MultiMail to access my company IMAP server.

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