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    Originally posted by metsfan
    Thanks for the pix!

    Boy that looks like it requires a lot more dexterity that I possess!

    But I'm printing it out and I'm going to practice all weekend!


    Treo 600 - what a "Marvel"ous device!
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    Here's a tip: insert your thumb under the lid and just slide it toward the top. This will fling the lid open.
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    it seems like people are putting way to much thought into this...
    many times in the past my treo rang and i grabbed it with one hand and somehow without thinking it was open and i was talking...
    after reading this thread, i now have stopped and watched my hand as it does this motion and realized it is as simple as the above post states
    insert thumb between body and flip cover and slide thumb up
    but now that i am conscious of it has become harder to do!
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    Originally posted by metsfan
    Excellent, now tell us which one of these energetic individuals is you?
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