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    Does anyone know if the SD card has to be formatted before use?

    I just got a replacement card, and don't wanna risk the thing not working 1 month later.

    I know it works straight out of the box, just wondering if it works better if the Treo itself formats the card.

    It is taking an awfully long time to format though..... i've been sitting here for more than 1 hour.

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    Hi all,

    If you bought an SD card 128 meg, make sure you have installed the patch update version 1.1. (the one that supports bluetooth and SD I/O devices) from the handspring support site.

    Apparently, while trying to format the card, my treo froze up.... and I thought it was just taking a long long long time to format.

    You can also format it using an external card reader, which is what I did.

    This using of SD card business has gotten way more complicated than I thought.

    One hint: if you want to run programs off your card without the Treo slowly loading the program onto your ram before launching, try the program MsMount, which allows you to directly run programs off the card as if the program was on the Ram.

    ANd I thought the Palm OS was supposed to be simpler than Windows!!!!!!! This has been one heck of a frustrating experience.
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    I'm not sure you'll have a lot of luck formatting a 128mb sd card with your treo. I didn't. A card reader/writer will do it real quick. In addition, what I really wanted to be able to do was put big files (dictionaries, etc.) on the card (save money on buying sd cards that already have dictionary, etc on the card.) I didn't have much luck with unit in using those files off the card (must have something to do with the speed of transfer of info) but I'm not sophisticated enough to understand this. I probably should just go out and buy dictionary/thesauras card myself. Hopefully more titles will be available in the future.

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