Hi. I've been checking out Xiino, and twice recently I've had my palm run out of batteries (unrelated to Xiino, related to random battery drain bug). However, both times, when I re-sync my palm and run Xiino, it crashes with a "Fatal Error" dialog and my Treo has to be reset as soon as I run it. The last time, the only way I was able to fix it was by completely cleaning my palm, and re-installing all of my individual apps by hand. Removing/reinstalling just Xiino, and deleting all preferences/databases I could find that might be related to Xiino did not help.

This time, I would like to avoid that painful process. Anyone know what might cause this? Maybe there is a corrupted preference or database that Xiino uses? Is there any way to trace what databases/preferences Xiino accesses? This is getting kinda painful.

Probably unrelated (since Xiino is not a clipping app), but web clipping style apps either won't run now or crash the palm. I'm fairly sure I just lost the clipping support libraries and need to reinstall them, but I'll make sure when I get home.

Thanks for any help.