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    Hello folks, I was wondering whether any of you can help me. I just switched to a Treo 300 and was wondering what app is the best to check AOL mail with. I did a search of this board but there's so many diff ways that people are accessing it (aolmailUK,PalmviiAOL,doolittleAOL?). I just wanted to find out what some of your experiences were with these. By the way, I dont have unlimited AOL access so do any of you know whether I will be charged AOL minutes even though I'm not dialing in but using Vision?
    Thanks for any help
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    After experimenting with most of them I must say that the AOL for palm is the easiest. Unfortunately it's no longer free but the good part is it will allow you to use another ISP to log into AOL. This is great because now you don't have to use an AOL dial number and pay for the data minutes used (at least was the case for me with Cingular).

    The AOLmailVII pqa works good too but you will need to download the web clipping libraries in order to use it. So is the case with the above AOL version only if you want to access "myaol" content.
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    Thanks for your help just to make sure I'm understanding you, I can bring my own service and log into AOL without AOL charging me for it? That would be great...I dont mind paying the one-time $20 charge for the app but I just dont want to be charged by AOL everytime I check my mail.

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    I can't answer that question as I have unlimited AOL access. I would call AOL and find out how they charge for accessing aol via palm OS if you don't have unlimited access. My guess is if you are not using an AOL dial up number to access your account they wouldn't be able to charge you extra.....not sure how that works.
    I use AOL version3.0 and I use Cingulars' ISP to access my AOL account. Before with version 2.0 that was free, your only option to log into AOL was via an AOL dial up number which I assume they can track easier. That costed me 0.35 cents extra on my Cingular Bill everytime that I logged on but no more with AOL version 3.0 it just comes out of my reg airtime or kb download with GPRS.
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    the two things i use aol for on my treo are mail and instant messaging. but i did not have a good experience with the free aol software (before they started to charge for it) and it bothers me very much to pay for software when their software has ALWAYS been free.

    so i use the AIM client (that costs now too but you can still get the free version from the british site i believe, see links elsewhere at treocentral) and Pocketflash, a great, fast email program.

    on the other hand, pocketflash costs $25, but it does work reliably and easily.
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