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    My Sprint service was temporarily shut off due to a $380 overcharge -- everytime I connected to the Vision network, Sprint billed me for a two minute call to the operator. Since I use my phone for my POP mailboxes (with Snapper Mail) and frequently use Blazer for MapQuest and, they claimed I had used 400 minutes in three days.

    The tech that helped me restore service and reactive things retroactively switched my plan to the 2000 minute one as they try to figure out why they are billing it that way. What a mess...

    If you are running over on your VOICE minutes but don't think that you should be, check to see if you have been mistakenly billed.
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    I am in the same situation except I cannot get in assistance from any Rep....only three trouble tickets. It's been 4 weeks now.
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    I called Sprint again this morning and thie time I spoke to billing. They stated that this was a "known" problem and a trouble ticket with mass phone numbers has been added. So, hopefully the problem will be corrected soon.
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    Having the same problems as well. I was told that this is a known billing/ accounting software error for newly established PC Vision accounts in some areas. They are adding minutes to my plan and they can decipher that you were surfing the web so you should be able to get them to give you extra minutes. Just be so careful not to exceed your total minutes because then it will start billing you real dollars and it is much harder to get them to refund cash!!!! According to the thousand different reps I have talked to this problem will disappear after the first billing cycle. If they do not fix this after the first cycle I will disappear as a customer. This is way to much.
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    I guess it depends on who you talk to. As stated before I am an exiting customer and I had this problem since before my lasy billing cycle. October 24 2002.
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    Well, (knock on wood) It appears my billing problems have gone away sometime today. My online time doesn't appear to be causing minutes to be eaten up today..

    Not sure if they fixed everyone at once or just me however.

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    So just to be clear, this issue only occurs to some people when they tell their phone to connect to data services, correct?

    For example, say I had this problem and I connect to the data service once on Monday and it stays connected to data for rest of the entire week (24/7), then I would get charged for a single two minute operator call because of this bug?
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    For me it appeared to bill each time I send time I sent or recieved data over the network...not just when I connected. My account is one week old, I have made 10 to 15 minutes of voice calls but my account shows I have used 280 minutes.

    Today it seems to have stopped doing this and is only showing the voice minutes. I hope it isn't just the site being slow to get updated.
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    Anytime I do anything with data - check e-mails, surf the web(PCS vision) I get minutes deducted from my plan. I keep calling and they keep telling me this will be fixed after the first complete billing cycle. It is supposedly a billing software bug that happens to new pcs vision customers. Again they have repeated that after the first complete billing cycle this will go away. They are adding minutes to my plan but what a pain to call them every other day to get minutes added back on. Watch the minutes carefully so you do not go over on your plan. Much easier to add minutes than get a cash refund from the accounting department.
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    Maybe you are talking to the wrong guys. I discussed with a level one tech over the weekend. He exculated me to a very helpfull level 2 tech. He spent a few minutes on the phone with me and then put me on hold to talke to someone in the backend network group.

    When he returned he told me it was a configuration that was wrong on the network that was causing the connection to be made to the wrong internal routing number (or something like that). He put me on hold again and talked to them again to get an ETA on the fix. When he returned he explained that it would happen in around 72 hours (that was saturday).

    Today, it appeared to be working correctly.

    BTW - I don't think the number I called was the standard number. It was 1-877-228-2257 which is the web tech support number.
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    Do you think it matters where we are located? I am in Oregon but who knows who I am talking to when I call. I went from a level 2 tech to the next level and they were all going by the same story. It could be that they are just reading the notes written by the previous dope on my "file", that way they are consistent in giving me the same BS. I will call the tech number and maybe they will be able to tell me something different. Did you have to make any adjustments to your TREO?
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    Nope, I kept asking if it was something setup wrong on my phone and they indicated it was not.

    Just another case CSR roullette(sp?)

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