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    Ok, perhaps I am brain dead ... but I have heard the term IMAP so many times that I simply MUST know what it means. I know that it must be some type of email. Someone please tell me what this is ... if you can stop laughing from my question.

    Many thanks.
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    Have you ever been to before? It's a great site, you might want to check it out. They have the answer for you!
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    IMAP is a type of email server. Unlike POP3, messages remain on the server and are syncronized with the client software, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.

    The advantages of IMAP are several. Since the messages remain on the server it is possible to syncronize several clients to manage one mailbox. You can access, manage and delete mail messages on the server, from any of your clients and the change will be reflected wherever you log in. It's even possible to do this remotely on a Treo using an IMAP compatible client like MultiMail.

    IMAP also supports syncronization of multiple folders. For example, if you use a rule on your server to move certain list messages to a folder other than your inbox, you can also syncronize this folder remotely on any client you choose.

    Your email server or ISP must support IMAP in order for you to use it.

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