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    Having read all the horror stories here about Sprint, I was nervous about getting her a 300 to replace her broken Visorphone.

    I'm happy to report that Sprint service has been about what I expected for a new device on a new network.

    The phone and Vision were up and running in 5 minutes. Vision has been stable, with a solid connection even with 1 bar of signal.

    It did take 3 calls to service to figure out how to send e-mail using Eudora (how many different passwords does one account really need?), but each person was helpful and friendly.

    The lack of true SMS sucks, but Treo300SMS fixed that problem.

    I did learn not to call at night - I sat on hold for an hour. Called back during the day and held for less then 5 minutes.

    So - it has not been perfect, but for a bleeding edge devide, Sprint has been better than I expected. They are still not as great as Tmo support - where I've never waited more than 3 rings for a real person.

    Add me to the seamingly very short list of fairly happy (so far) Sprint PCS customers.
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    That's the first and last time I try to post a message from my Treo instead of my PC. I sent the post in error and then found that the PDA version of the board didn't let me edit the post to correct it.

    Anyway. It's human nature to share pain and keep pleasure to ourselves. I'm very happy with my Vision service and I suspect that I'm in the Silent Majority on that. But then, I came to SPCS from the Earthlink/Omnisky wireless service, which really did suck. I may just be lucky or undemanding, but I haven't had any real complaints with the Vision service since SPCS "provisioned" me (flawlessly) in August. I don't envy the many good people who work for SPCS. In addition to staff cuts and other budget pressures, reading in this group might give them the idea that we think they are all idiots. Most of us don't, I suspect, and they aren't.
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    I have had no real problems with sprint in the 14 months I have been with them. It aslo seems that if you call a 6 am you get through with almost no hold time at all.

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