OK. I've had my Treo 300 for a week and I have been drinking up the content on here, wanted to throw out some quick info on IM clients that work on the Treo 300 to hopefully help someone out, as well as get some discussion going on it.

AOL's IM: (v1.1b5)
On their US site, they are charging $20 for this. It is available free on the UK site listed below.
Notes: AIM seems to like a data connection existing before you attempt to sign on. Go to Blazer and make sure you are connected before using AIM. Several people have mentioned having problems with AIM crashing their Treo.

Yahoo's IM: (v2.5.0)
Yahoo's US page doesn't seem to offer their IM client anymore. What is wrong with IM in the US?? Anyhow, their UK site offers it for download.
Notes: Yahoo seems to have some cool message notification options, check for messages when the unit is off, etc. [Haven't tested them yet]
UK Yahoo Site

ICQ's IM: (v2.1b4)
AOL owns ICQ, you can download their Palm client from their US homepage. It also may have some SMS integration in it which could be cool, need to check it out.
Notes: Seems very stable so far.
ICQ Site

Questions I hope to answer:
Q: Do the clients stay connected when you switch to other apps?
Q: Do the clients stay connected if you close the phone?
Q: What are the alerting options if you get a new IM?
Q: Can I be connected to multiple IM services at the same time?

I am still evaluating all of the clients, will post my results on the webpage below after I spend a bit more time with them.

My Treo 300 Resource Page.

I am working on putting together a general Treo 300 FAQ page as well, if anyone has any info they would like to see there shoot me an e-mail or IM (listed on the page) ...

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