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    I will be in Toronto, Canada tomorrow. Does anyone know if the Treo 300 will work there
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    nope - no 3G network in Canada by any carriers
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    Not true...the Treo will work fine. However, won't get data or SMS. Only voice services.
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    What is the per minute rate for using my Treo 300 in Toronto?
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    Originally posted by RBIowa
    What is the per minute rate for using my Treo 300 in Toronto?
    I think it's .69 cents per minute, just like roaming outside your home state in the U.S. You could always call Sprint and add the Travel option for $20 for 100 roaming minutes. The Travel option includes LD too. If you need more than 100 minutes there is also a roam option, $10 for 50 minutes but it doesn't include LD, you'd pay for that. The benefit of the roam option is that you can stack up to 5 of them for $50 for 250 minutes. These options should still be available.

    The challange you will have is that you're probably in the middle of your billing cycle. So, if you call them and have them add it NOW and not on the start of your new cycle, you will have a prorated amount of minutes to use. Example, you have 2 weeks left before your billing cycle ends. You add the $20 option today. You will only be billed 2 weeks worth of service ($10) but you will only get 2 weeks worth of minutes (50). I hope that makes sense.

    As far as data goes, when I've traveled to Montreal I've created a new dial up connection under the network pref using an old dial up account. Find a free local ISP and use that. It's back to the old slow, circuit switched 14.4 kbps but it works in a pinch. It would also cost you roaming minutes too. Depends on what you need.
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    Your Treo can roam on Bell Mobility and Telus in Toronto. They have 3G CDMA 1900 networks up there but right now, your data will not work because I don't think there are agreements in place for anything except voice roaming. On a hopeful note, recently Bell and Sprint signed some agreement to mutually promote and support the development of CDMA 2000 technology. I hope that means that we will eventually be able to roam in Canada on Bell's 3G data network.

    To the poster who said that there are no 3G networks in Canada.....Bell Mobility actually had the first 3G 1X RTT CDMA network in North America...before Verizon and before Sprint so...yes there are 3G networks in Canada.
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    The new Sprint roaming rate, by the way, is 50 cents per minute. That does not include long distance. The good thing is that, if you call local in the Toronto area, you won't be charged long distance. This is stark contrast to Verizon and ATT who charge long distance to us Sprint customers on calls to places about 3 feet from where you are standing. They don't screw the roamer in Canada like they do here in the US.
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    whoops - my bad - didn't realize that a 3G network existed up in Canada - let alone the first one in NA.

    I wondered who which carrier was providing service for us Americans up in the Great White North.

    Off topic - but all the accessories that are openly available EVERYWHERE in Toronto for GSM phones makes me insanely jealous. Why can't we get custom cases for our machine!
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    I am now in Totonto, Canada and am able to use the phone but only in roaming mode, not able to access data or sms....

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