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    Boulder/Denver Colorado. No problems so far with the Vision reset issue.
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    Chagrin Falls, OH (suburban Cleveland). No reset issues just the roaming (prl?) issue.

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    Loving the Treo 300 in Indianapolis, where I live and work.
    Recent trips: Las Vegas, Nevada; Paducah, KY; Chicago, IL. Works great wherever I go, but 3G data connection doesn't always work while on the interstate.
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    Coverage from Wytheville North to the second toll booth on the WV Turnpike - I77

    Decent coverage around Princeton, Bluefield, WV, and Bluefield, VA but limited or non-existent East of Princeton on US 460 all the way to Blacksburg, VA and limited or non-existent West of Springville, VA on US-460/US 19 to ??? maybe Abingdon, but couldn't say for sure because I've not traveled any farther West than Richlands with it so far.
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    Live: NYC (Manhattan)
    Work: La Guardia Intl Airport

    Other work locations:
    Newark Intl Airport, NJ
    Burlington VT
    Albany, NY
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    Minneapolis, Minnesnowta

    Coverage is fair. Black holes in the middle of a few major corridors that perplex the heck out of me. Dropped calls are less frequent with the Treo than they were with my StarTac.

    I only wish that Verizon offered the Treo. Their coverage in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area is excellent and you never hear of dropped calls or clarity issues at all.
    Regards - Randy "Thumper-7"

    Sprint's Customer Service will eventually put them out of business!
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