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    I know how to configure the 4 buttons at the bottom of my Treo:
    Go to "Home", choose prefs, then choose "Buttons".

    But how do I configure the action that takes place when I press the "blue key" *then* press one of those 4 buttons. For example, I'd like the "blue key" + calendar button to take me to Shadow Plan.

    Any help out there?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Button-T will allow you to program the blue key + hard key:
    TreoButtons is another that will work. This will give you a 3rd set to apply as well:
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    Thanks .... and are we sure those are bug-free these days?
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    Yes, you should have no problems with either app.
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    Okay... based on your input... I installed it... and as you said... works like a charm. So great! Thanks for the help! Perfect solution.
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    Which one did you go for?
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    Buttons_T was sufficient for my needs. Also, it looked as if reviewers were saying it was a bit more stable, from what I could see.

    Either way -- it worked exactly like I hoped it would! Thanks again!

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