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    I just got a treo 180, and apparently there is no "One-Touch" app. I have searched the forums and done the mail setup and sync thing several times, but no luck. I am using Eudora now in its place, but I need support for syncing folders with Outlook XP. Any suggestions?

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    Version 1.2came on the Treo 270 cd. It does not have an Outlook Conduit, but Eudora does. Eudora works with Outlook 2000, it doesn't work with Outlook XP?
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    Sorry, I should have given more info. My Treo was used, and did not come with the CD. Eudora works with Outlook XP, but does not suppport syncing folders other than the 1 Inbox. Basically, I want to be able to file all my mail from my Inbox, into different folders on the Palm, and then have those actions synced in Outlook.

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