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    Finally called up best buy and for the first time i heard the heavenly words: "Yes sir, we have the Treo 300 in stock"

    I got home and i was perfectly happy with the screen color, resolution and the familiar Palm OS sharpness that i love ^_^
    I'm currently on hold with Sprint to activate it. The speaker phone is on and works smoothly. The battery i haven't tested yet since it's on a charger.

    I have a few questions.
    Do you have your treo on and on "wireless mode" when you're not using it, or do you actually turn your treo off?

    I'm used to a normal phone, leaving it on 24/7 and with a normal palm/ppc which i leave off when i don't use it.

    Just trying to adapt. Thanks for any help
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    I leave mine on, in wireless mode, 24/7. I need work to be able to reach me in the middle of the night in an emergency (rarely ever happens, but when it happens, it's damned important).

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