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    Oh, and Aaron -- if you download the sample ringtones from PalmGSM net for the non-polyphonic product, you'll see one called "Doors" -- it's the opening piano sequence for Light My Fire.

    Also, I think there are programs that let you edit/shorten MIDI files on your desktop. That's what the link I posted before describes (part of converting MIDI to .pdb is using a MIDI editor to create a clip), and I think there were some other posts on the TreoCentral groups with links to different MIDI editors. Would be cool if Ringo let you edit tones with their little keyboard function, though.

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    thanks suzie. i have seen some of the editors, and i do believe its possible though i think the biggest hurdle is getting it back into the proper format for the treo. however, for all my geekness, i have no time to become a midi editor, and therefore have to wait for someone who wants to make some money off folks like me!
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    I have been playing with Ringo for a little over a week. Ever since, my Treo 300 has produced an endless series of hard and soft resets. It's now so bad that whenever I leave my phone in wireless mode for an hour, I have to do a complete reset, deleting all data before the phone will come back on. Nothing like this happened until Ringo.
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    Originally posted by coffeetalk
    I had the same problem! But now I got it to work.

    In order to get it to work for the 300, you have to download a .pdb file of ringtones to the Treo, then go into Ringo (not the "friends" part but the "musical note" part) and convert each tone into a ringtone. The "Friends/Groups" functions DON'T work on the 300. THEN (this was the tricky part that's not in the instructions) you go to "Options" and "Synchronize Ringtones". This overwrites the "radio" (which I guess is the data that the the ringer software uses) with your list of Personal Ringtones from Ringo. It does not overwrite the preinstalled ringtones, just the "customized" ones.

    The only way you can assign a customized ringtone to a specific
    person in your address/contact list is to set them up on a speed dial button, then under "Options" you can assign any of the customized ringtones to that person.


    I haven't tried the photo thing, but since the "Friends" part doesn't work, maybe that's why the photos aren't working.


    Happy ringing,
    Thanks to you, Suzie, it all works now!

    The tip about synchronizing and overwriting the "radio" was something I had not heard or read about anywhere up until now. And the warning was kind of scary, but I put my trust in you and hit OK. As you advised, this step placed all my new, satisfactorily-previewed Ringo ringtone selections into the pick list when I went back into the PhoneBook app and went to assign individual ringtones to individual callers in the hot button speed dials.

    Now I realize why two of my Ringo ringtones appeared there before, but not the others, even though I knew nothing about the overwriting the radio step: It was because I had set those particular two ringtones as Known and Unknown callers in the Prefs app.

    In addition, now the pictures also pop up on incoming caller whom I had selected in Ringo!

    Now here's a tip I stumbled into as to why Suzie's instructions didn't work for me at first: Like I assume many of the rest of you, I was testing the incoming caller tune by assigning it to my home phone number, then calling my Treo from my home phone. But I was getting the Unknown Caller ringtone, instead of my chosen ringtone, and thought her tip had not worked!

    But finally taking a closer look at the screen, I was reminded that, like many of the rest of you I assume, I have my home phone number blocked from caller ID! So the Unknown Caller ringtone I had set in Prefs was sounding, instead of my assigned tone (Rocky!) (I have to admit that this only occurred to me after the third call.)

    Voila! A slap on the side of my head, and I got out my real-paper phonebook and in the front few pages I looked up the trap code for "single call unblocking" which in my area turned out to be *82 and dialed that before dialing my Treo number and bingo! there was my dopey picture (just for test purposes of course) and my Treo was playing "Rocky" loud and clear!

    So if you've followed all of Suzie's instructions, and still can't get it to work, consider whether you are calling your Treo from a blocked number before giving up.


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    i just downloaded a bunch of the tones from (creation zone). these are mono... polyphonic ones will follow in december, and they are asking registered users to vote for favorite songs.

    i declined to vote, because my taste is eclectic and not necessarily geared towards popular. but i did urge them to pay careful attention to length and loudness- i.e. don't give us full songs that cause the treo to reset, won't work as ringtones, and even if they did, have intro's or other parts that are too soft to hear...

    its good to have 2 sites putting out the polyphonic tones, the competition will benefit us treo users...
    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.
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