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    Okay, I'm hoping someone here can answer this question for me as I feel Sprint might be confused themselves and I surely am.

    First, I went to my local Sprint store today and purchased a new Treo 300. I was an existing Sprint customer (my contract expired months ago) so I asked them to upgrade me to the new plan (300 anytime, unlimited nights and weekends and unlimited Vision.. all for $40 a month).

    Well, the customer rep I spoke to on the phone during activation said the Treo 300 doesn't support Vision. I was like, "What!? Your website and ads all say it does!" And he said that it doesn't support Vision because the Treo 300 can't access the downloadable games, tones and excetera. He then said the Treo 300 does support the 3G network so I don't need Vision and I don't have to pay the $10 a month for Vision!! Is this true?!

    My second question is this. The first time I try to do anything data it connects to the network which takes about six seconds. Then the signal strength meter changes at the top to show two smalls arrows. I assume this means I'm on the data network at that time. Now, can I just leave it that way all the time, or will I get a huge bill if I do?

    Any help would be apprecaited.
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    Good grief - some of them are unbelievable. Yes, the Treo requires Vision and yes, you do need the $10/month unlimited Vision option. The green arrows show that you're connected to the data service, and you can leave it connected all the time - BUT - you want to make sure that you have the $10 unlimited option or they will charge you for usage.
    Call back and speak with someone else. If that doesn't work, ask for the Retention Department - they're excellent and seem to be the only group there that are on top of things.

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