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    I saw this on an earlier thread, and was wondering if it was still true, or if Snappermail does/plans to support SSL (I use ATTBI). Thanks.

    "GoodBye Snappermail!! Just got my answer from the yahoo snappermail support forum: Snappermail does not support SSL authentication..."
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    That was my quote and from what I understand they do not plan to support SSL anytime soon. This is the response that I got at the Yahoo Snappermail support forum:

    "It's on a user demand basis. SSL will come at a price since we
    need to license the library. In OS5 it will be part of the OS so
    we'll definitely make use of it there."

    Bummer because I also use ATTBI and would love to use snappermail as it appears in my opinion to be one of the best up and coming email apps!


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