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    Anyone out there using the subject software on a Treo ? I used it before on my Kyo 6035 with no issues but am having problems getting it to work now. Using ver 2.4
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    No problems, been using for months on Prism, now Treo. Bill Minder module finally added! Shows graphs and all the good stuff from MS$$$


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    Ultrasoft is very responsive when it comes to support. Check their newsgroup or web-based forum.
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    I use 1.26 on my Treo. I know I'm a little behind but I'm running Money 2000 and saw no reason to upgrade. Did you install the program directly on to your Treo or did it load on from another application like Backup Buddy, etc. I find that I have to re-install some software when upgrading my machine. Case in point switching from the Prism to the Treo I had to reinstall Quickoffice and Splash Photo. Money worked fine.


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