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    Let me try to be more specific with my question:

    I would like to use my Treo 300 to send and recieve email when away from my office. If I delete a message on the treo I want it to delete upon synchronization when I return. If I send an item I would like to have it in my outlook sent items upon synchronization and when I reply or send mail I want it to come from my home email so that whether I am on the golf course or in the office everything is transparent.

    My email in non-exchange server i.e. pop 3

    Thanks for all your help
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    First, which provider are you using. If Sprint, download and signup for their office online ($5.00 a month). Then download the office online for Palm. This will syn and allow just what you are asking for. A great app!!!!!

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    I am about to buy a 300 from your saying I need to incur another monthly fee.

    I don't like "renting" if you know what I mean. They can change prices or even stop offering this. Isn't there a software that can reside on the treo?
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    Business Connection from Sprint will do what you need, and yes, it does cost $5.00 a month, but the first three months are free, so it does not hurt to try.
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    TreoMail and Sprint Business Connection both are really intended for use with Exchange-based Outlook users. if you're using a POP3 account (which I don't know if that's the case, since you talked about delete upon return and sync, etc - both of which seem like Outlook-ish items, but you indicated you were using pop - so - ?). if you are indeed using POP, I'd go with Eudora, but if you're using Outlook, I'd go with either TreoMail or BusinessConnection. both of those will do what you want. BUT - both are 'rental' programs, to use your terms. They both require software to sit on your PC to redirect your Outlook messages over to the device. TreoMail IS a one-time cost ($99) so maybe that's more to your liking....
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    I am using pop 3, but outlook goes out every 5 minutes to get the mail. exchange server was tooo cumbersome.

    I just want my outlook to have all records i.e. current emails and sent items for history in one place.


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